Shave Club

shave club

You’ve probably heard of magazine subscriptions or meal delivery subscriptions, but the new craze of scheduled delivery services has to do with personal grooming products - most specifically, razors. Referred to as a shave club, companies have designed a system that automatically delivers razor blades and cartridges directly to your front door.

Providing shave club members with this frequent delivery service has helped eliminate that moment when you’re standing in the shower and realise you forgot to go to the store for razors. 

When it comes to choosing the right shave club for you, there are obviously a few questions to ask;

What are the razors made of? How regularly does my subscription get sent out? Are there any hidden fees? And how easy is it to pause or cancel my subscription?

Most companies will have a different design of razor, so it would be up to you to know what works best for your skin and hair. Shave club subscriptions are generally customisable in terms of delivery frequency and you are able to change this frequency based on your preferences. When it comes to razor subscriptions, pausing or cancelling is generally done on the chosen company’s customer portal and hidden fees are non-existent.

At Ritology, we keep things simple and value that decision. Our Ritology Elite Subscription will send you an eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable high-quality razor and set of blades to your door at your requested time frame. 

We have no secret fees and you are able to change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time through the ‘account’ tab on our website. The simplicity of our system is favoured by our Elite subscribers because it simply is just that - elite. 

The razor that you receive in our shave club subscription is made to last and designed to ensure a clean and close shave, whilst also preventing ingrown hairs and ensuring sensitive skin does not incur further irritation. 

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