Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin and find yourself looking at making the switch to a safety razor? Unsure about where to start looking, what the benefits are and how to find a good one?

Do you experience uncomfortable bumps, razor burn and ingrown hair? You may have sensitive skin, however often this can be associated with the shaving tool that you are using and ensuring that it is clean before every shave.

We’ve included some information below that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.


    • The weight - The weight of the razor is very important. When using a safety razor you do not apply any downward pressure. It is the weight of the razor that does the work to get the hair cut at the ultimate length (not under the skin). In turn this reduces redness, bumps and ingrown hairs.
    • The single blade - Having a high grade, single blade, combined with the perfectly weighted razor is vital with sensitive skin. Rather than multi-blades, the single blade glides along the skin without lifting the hair and cutting it under the skin.
    • Choose a top screw or butterfly: A top screw is where the blade is replaced by screwing the head of the razor off the handle creating three parts (see image below). A butterfly razor is where you twist the far end of the handle so that the top opens up like a butterfly clip. We found that the butterfly clip would slightly twist open as we used the razor, therefore the top screw was the way to go. Nobody needs the blade wriggling around while trying to shave! 
    • Protective packaging and a coating - keep your razor clean and dirt free with a protective case when not in use. Taking care of your razor means taking care of your skin. A razor with a coating also helps the safety edge glide along your skin effortlessly.

Benefits of a safety razor:

  • Easy to clean - With a single blade and razor made of metal there is no grime and mould in any small, hard to reach areas or in plastic grips. A metal razor simply needs to be filtered through with hot water, twist the head slightly to get the hair and soap out and dry it for the next use. The Smooth Operator Zero Waste Razor also comes with 10 spare blades and a protective case. Take care of it like you take care of a watch and it will last a lifetime! 
  • Helps reduce ingrown hairs, redness, bums and strawberry legs.
  • Cut your hair evenly, with one high grade blade without removing layers of skin or cutting the hair under the surface. 
  • A safety razor has no soap strips with harmful chemicals. A big tick of approval for someone with sensitive skin. These chemicals are absorbed into your skin while shaving, one of the times your skin is most sensitive. Protect your pores!
  • Convenience at home, especially when the blades are delivered on your schedule! With sensitive skin, you certainly do not want to use a dull blade ever again.
  • Aesthetically pleasing so your old chore of shaving is now a daily ritual to enjoy. There’s no denying the feeling of silky smooth skin is fantastic. If you have sensitive skin, slow down and enjoy taking time to take care of yourself. Whipping 5 blades across your skin and running out the door is no way to treat your beautiful self.
  • Save money: If you want to make some serious money moves, invest in products that last. In the long run, purchasing a safety razor will be much kinder to your bank balance. Blade refills are less than $2 per blade, with the handle lasting a lifetime.
  • It’s good for the planet. There are 3 billion people in the world. Now think about how many razors and cartridges you have thrown away in your lifetime and times that by 3 billion. Enough said.

Another extremely important factor for shaving with sensitive skin is the type of barrier you are using when shaving. Eliminate chemicals in your formula while the shaving as your skin is extra delicate at this time, a clear gel with a slight foam is great so you can see where you are shaving and look out for soothing ingredients like aloe vera. Your razor should glide along smoothly.

Take care of your safety razor and it will take care of you, for life! Find the best safety razor for sensitive skin here.