Gua Sha Benefits

This easy to use tool has taken the beauty world by storm and here’s why.

Performing a morning light facial massage promotes blood circulation and lymph-drainage which helps de-puff the face in the morning and stimulates skin rejuvenation. The low-cost handheld treatment is extremely effective in tightening the skin when used in conjunction with your morning moisturiser or serum. The Gua Sha technique will help push product into the skin and promote long lasting effects of hydration. 


The benefits broken down. Why should you use a Gua Sha?

  • Tension Relief

With daily stress, we hold a lot of tension in our face, neck and shoulders. Using deep pressure with a Gua Sha, you can release the pressure points and muscular tension. Being a TMJ + migraine sufferer, it has become my own personal daily ritual. This practice has been used for years to break down scar tissue and connective tissue, improving movement in the joints. Added bonus, by regularly relaxing facial muscles we are also preventing expression lines! 

  • Detoxifying

Our lymphatic system is made up of glands, lymph nodes, the spleen, thymus gland and tonsils. It plays a huge role in our immunity. Unfortunately, there is no pump to move the lymphatic system, relying solely on the movement of the body. By stroking the skin with the Gua Sha, you can move the lymph, break up scar tissue, release lactic acid from the muscles and any congestion. Simply rub along the skin starting at the feet always working towards the heart. Facial Gua Sha is a wonderful way to promote lymphatic drainage  out of the face and neck!

  • All Natural Facelift

With regular use, the Gua Sha can help lift, sculpt and tighten the skin. How so? By increasing blood flow, the Gua Sha oxygenates and carries nutrients to the skin cells helping to prevent the signs of aging. 

  • Grounding ritual 

Our goal has always been to turn every day chores into acts of self-care. There is nothing more relaxing then the gentle touch of the Gua Sha tracing the skin. Calming the mind, relaxing the muscles, all while grounding the body providing us with a sense of calm, self-awareness and clarity. 

  • Glowing Skin

The Gua Sha increases circulation and blood flow all while improving lymphatic drainage therefore works wonder for preventing acne, decongesting the skin and reducing inflammation. But if you add your favourite serums or moisturiser when in use, you are allowing your serums to penetrate better meaning you’re getting the most out of your skin care ritual. 

stainless steel gua sha on face how to smooth wrinkles and create blood flow 

Studies have seen an up to 400% boost in circulation with frequent Gua Sha use. The hands-on massage helps release built up tension and applies controlled trauma to the skin which fuels a quick repair by making new collagen. Collagen is a must needed skin protein that promotes elasticity and compels are plump youthful look. 

To experience the amazing benefits of Gua Sha, dermatologist experts recommend using this light therapy with hot water in the shower, or with oil – never on dry skin! Using short upward strokes, not in a back and forth motion, will help release tension between the facial bones and leave a tingly and relaxed feeling. Gua Sha benefits aren’t just for the face, using a durable Gua Sha, such as a medical grade stainless steel one, means that you can apply this relaxing method to anywhere on the body! We recommend using Gua Sha therapy every morning and even at night to release tight connective tissue and promote a youthful finish to your skin.

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