Gua Sha

What is a Gua Sha?

A Gua Sha is a smooth tool to promote facial lymph-drainage to de-bloat the skin in a relaxing and massage-like method. The easy to use treatment involves scraping a flat hand-held tool with light pressure to promote blood circulation and relax stiff muscles. 

Gua Sha translates to ‘scraping the pain away’, used traditionally by many Asian countries to relive tension and muscle pain. Today, Gua Sha is used for many purposes and benefits from full body detoxification and tension relief to every day relaxing beauty treatments.  Using water or oil to stroke the Gua Sha along the skin, you are encouraging lymphatic flow, increased circulation all while relieving tension, smoothing & lifting the skin. 


Medical grade stainless steel gua sha how to 

Originally, Gua Sha tools were made out of stones and steel, however contemporary doctors have started using Jada stones in their holistic massage techniques. The Ritology Body Shaper Gua Sha is made with medical grade stainless steel which is extremely strong in design with smooth edges to promote appropriate soft tissue therapy. Using this stainless steel tool means that lymphatic drainage massages can be used anywhere on the body, not just the face! 

Another form of Gua Sha material is black obsidian. This sleek design promotes blood circulation in the face and best helps sculpt defining lines. It is important to remember that when using a Gua Sha to only use upward motions with the use of face serums, oils, moisturisers to avoid dragging and damaging the skin. 

When wanting to find the best Gua Sha for you, it is important to consider not only the material of the tool but also the shape. A B shaped tool is perfect to shape the face and body, specifically using the long edge for the legs and forehead, the wave for the jaw bone and fore arms and each end for under the eyes. The Dolphin shaped tool which uses a broad wing that allows for a firm grip to dig into muscles. Other shapes such as the Spoon and Fish come in different shapes and sizes for different areas and pressure required on the body.

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