Keratosis Pilaris

Are you looking for answers about the bumps on your skin that you can't seem to fix? We've shared some insights into what is commonly known as 'KP' and some solutions that have worked for us.

Keratosis Pilaris (also known as follicular keratosis or ‘chicken skin’) is a very common skin condition that results in the appearance of rough patches and tiny bumps to form on your skin, particularly on the arms, legs, cheeks or buttocks. The condition is known to be caused by abnormal levels of keratin in the upper portion of the hair follicle, usually as a result of excessive dry skin, and is very common in people with eczema. The higher levels of keratin clog the skin’s pores which block the hair follicles from growing, resulting in the small bumps to form where the hair should be.

A common concern for people with Keratosis Pilaris is how to safely shave the area without causing further irritation. If you are currently dealing with Keratosis Pilaris and are looking for a shaving routine, we have included a few of our best tips below:

  • Due to the condition most commonly being caused as a result of dry skin, it is important to ensure the area that needs shaving is kept moisturised. Using a moisturising cream or oil instead of a gel will allow the razor to glide along the skin with ease and encourage the absorption of extra moisture even during shaving. 
  • Making the change to using a single-blade safety razor. Using a razor that is made from high-quality products and designed specifically for sensitive skin, such as the Ritology single-blade safety razor, will help ensure you do not incur further irritation. Safety razors also have no chemical soap strips, which is a massive plus for someone with any type of skin sensitivity.
  • Lathering the skin in a shea butter moisturiser after shaving. Shea butter is made from nuts, fats and oils and absorbs straight into the skin to keep it moisturized for longer. The concept for shea butter comes from Ghanaian women who have used this high fat and texture rich recipe to nourish and protect their skin for centuries. To prevent further any potential irritation after shaving, using a shea butter moisturiser is essential.

Taking these extra precautions when shaving with Keratosis Pilaris will help lessen irritation and not lead to further conditions such as strawberry legs or permanent scarring.

Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing any pain relating to Keratosis Pilaris or are still unsure what the best process of shaving in the affected areas is.