How to Clean a Safety Razor

How to clean a safety razor


Besides the smooth results which speak for themselves, another incredible benefit of a eco razor is its longevity and indefinite use. Made to last, only the high-grade blades need to be changed out every 5-10 uses making it a zero-waste shave. With no toxic chemicals or bacteria ridden lubricating strips, safety razors are far more hygienic than the usual plastic or reusable plastic razors.

Seeing we can reuse our safety razors indefinitely, it’s important to take care of it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require much maintenance. We suggest giving your razor a quick clean every 2-3 shaves. When you are out of the shower or bath, simply use a hand towel to wipe off any residue, dry and store in a safe dry spot. That’s it, less than 30 seconds.

Every so often, we love to give our razor a proper spa session to really make it sparkle. Simply remove the used razor blade itself, safely storing the blade to take to a recycling centre. By doing this, we can eliminate the 2 billion razors going to landfill every single year! Taking apart the razor heads, use an old toothbrush with hot soapy water to scrub, buff and shine any areas that may need some special attention.

If you razor isn’t stored in a dry place post shave, it can result in rust. Our trick is toothpaste! Using the same old toothbrush with a bit of paste, simply brush away the rust and debris. Follow up with the above warm soapy water clean, towel dry and store in a dry place.

It doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, but by attending to the above your razor could be passed down for generations!

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