Cellulite on Face

Although more common on the buttocks and thighs, those harmless fatty deposits are known to show up on face, specifically around the jawline and neck.

Why? If only we knew for certain. Skincare experts believe that there are a number of issues that can results in facial cellulite including:

  • Premature aging. Whether thanks to genetics or the result of an unhealthy diet, smoking, sun damage, or dehydration, premature aging can weaken your connective tissue and cause the skin to lose its elasticity. Once weakened, it's easier for fat cells to protrude and make an appearance. 
  • Weight gain. Although incredibly fit and slender individuals can have visible cellulite, any increase in fat tissue in certain areas will be where cellulite is more likely to show. 
  • Hormones. Hormones such as insulin and catecholamines which are involved in fat breakdown and storage, can affect cellulites formation.
  • Low circulation or lymph flow. If oxygen is unable or restricted accessing various body parts, its ability to make collagen will also be affected. As a result, a weakened connective tissue. 

How do we treat cellulite on face?

Unfortunately, cellulite isn’t the easiest to treat. There are however some options to help break up the fatty deposits and smooth your skins appearance.  The majority of these comes down to healthy lifestyle choices including:

  1. Eating a well-balanced nutritious diet. The higher the body fat, the more visible cellulite will be.
  2. Regular movement. Not just to maintain a healthy weight, but regular exercise will improve circulation, muscle tone and prevent many age-related changes to muscles, bones and joints.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water each day can help remove toxins from the body. Also, the more dehydrated you are, the thinner the skin. Plenty of water will thicken the skin in turn making those dimples less noticeable.
  4. Gua Sha Facials. An easy at home facial massage to release tension and break up fascia adhesions which will increase blood flow into the skin, assisting with lymphatic drainage and improving skins appearance. Check out our medical grade Gua Sha here. 

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