What is Cellulite

Unless you are the 1 out of 10 ladies out there, you have likely noticed lumps or dimples on the skin at some point in your life. Usually making an appearance on the hips, thighs and buttocks!  These cottage cheese like formations are known as cellulite

So, what exactly are these skin dimples?

Cellulite is fat deposits underneath the skins surface. It gives the appearance of dimples when the skin is pulled inwards by the connective tissue which can cause fat cells to push into the layer of skin. This can create an uneven appearance in the skin. Cellulite doesn't discriminate either and can affect any body shape or size provided the fat cells are able to to pierce through the connective tissue. 

In females, our fat cells and connective tissue is arranged vertically. Any weakening in this connective tissue or loss of skin volume can make cellulite more females. Men's connective tissue layer is different to females, being a crisscross structure making it much stronger and more difficult for fat cells to protrude. 

What causes Cellulite?

How visible the cellulite is can be due to a number of factors including genes, hormones, lifestyle, body fat percentage, age, and much more. Cellulite can affect all body types, shapes and sizes. Even those who are incredibly slender or fit may have visible cellulite. It often increases with age as well, with our skin losing elasticity and thickness. Anything that weakens the connective tissue, can increase the likelihood of cellulite. Low blood flow and circulation is thought to play a big role in cellulites appearance. With less oxygen getting to certain areas, there is then less collagen production which means weakened connective tissue