The most effective dry body brush technique


Start dry brushing. Start dry brushing. Start dry brushing – you’ve heard it from us and you certainly won’t regret your new non-negotiable morning ritual.  

Dry body Brushing

It’s cost-effective, assists in reducing the appearance of cellulite, leaves smooth results and stimulates blood flow. It’s just a simple 3-minute body massage type flow every morning - we still can’t believe it took us this long to be committed. In saying this, dry brushing isn’t a quick mindless chore. It is a time where you are able to slow down, appreciate your body and all it does for you, gently massage the surface and enjoy each and every moment. 

 So now that we’ve convinced you, let’s get the most effective dry body brush techniques down. Dry brushing is suitable any time of the day, however, if you’re wanting that morning boost try to aim for three to five minutes before your early hours shower to experience the energizing results. This regular practice will stimulate blood flow, assisting in lymphatic drainage which aids in the removal of bodily toxins and waste. Encouraging the lymphatic system will help get things moving after a long night’s sleep (or a big night out…). Your skin is your largest organ so it is vital to take good care of it!

Dry brushing is an effective exfoliation ridding the body of dead skin cells, dry flaky skin and preventing clogged pores (in turn, less risk of acne). 

The motion of dry brushing is however very important if you're after the above benefits. Remember to think ‘towards the heart’ with every stroke. We recommend working in sections. Starting at your feet and ankles, stroke up towards the knee and repeat 3-5 times. Work around the calves then continue the process from the knee to groin region, always working up. Similarly, when you get to the upper body, begin at the hands and work upward, don't forget your neck and back. For the stomach, we suggest sweeping in a clockwise direction to aid with the digestion process.


Using short and slightly pressured strokes will help promote that wanted blood circulation and removal of dead skin. A key tip is to not press too hard – this practice should be gentle and relaxing on the skin and should definitely leave any marks or grazes. The Body Buff by Ritology is the perfect fibre for a gentle and effective dry brush session every time.

Combining your dry brushing with a gua sha technique will heighten your lymphatic drainage benefits. Both traditional Chinese techniques will leave a tingly and fluid feeling which means the lymph’s are working hard to debloat and remove any toxins. Don’t miss those forgotten places, such as behind the legs, back and neck, that usually are left unappreciated – remember this practice is a slow full-body ritual and every stroke counts. Now relax and enjoy.

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