Why you should use your Gua Sha for your body, not just your face

Gua Sh-what?

Gua Sha (“gwa shaa”) is one of the few gifts that 2020 has brought to us. Almost every beauty blogger, magazine or dermatologist has made Gua Sha a commonly spoken about term in their everyday vocabulary. This tiny handheld tool has the power to fix that morning puffiness, tone those cheekbones, and make that jawline come to life. 

Gua Sha for your body

The Gua Sha has been commonly adopted by dermatologists and beauty therapists to compliment facial treatments. The benefits from a five-minute Gua Sha ritual every morning is unbelievable and here’s why. A natural youthful glow to the skin through reduced wrinkles and pore minimisation can be achieved through short upward motion pressure. Depending on the shape and material of the Gua Sha, this handy little tool can be used in conjunction with face serums, oils and moisturiser to hydrate the skin and surface layer tissue from the inside. “Gua'' meaning to scrape allows for a soft and easy exfoliation to remove dead skin, which will reduce pain related to deep facial scrubs. 

One of the best and most visible results from a morning Gua Sha massage is the reduction in tensions as stagnant lymphatic fluid that builds up overnight is able to be slowly released. This will reduce toxins within the facial region and helps minimise dark circles and bags under eyes. The deep stretch and release of connective tissue also promotes minimisation in pore sizes when targeting affected areas. 

But wait, it gets better. This handy, and often low cost, tool isn’t just for the body. The power its benefits bring to holistic health can be applied to anywhere on the body. The therapeutic massage can be used to release bodily retention due to its anti-inflammatory and immunity stimulation benefits. Muscular tension and pain can be easily relieved through applied pressure on well moisturised surfaces. It has even been beneficial in helping the initial onset of the common cold and flushing away bodily toxins through drawing in fresh blood – how amazing!

We absolutely cannot get enough of Gua Sha. The simplicity of adding this to your everyday ritual, whether it’s during the morning or evening, can promote overall mental and physical wellbeing. Everybody else is aboard the Gua Sha train, so why not hop on and experience the benefits for yourself!

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