20 ways to be MINDFUL – not mindless

Let’s be real, 2020 has been tough and there’s no denying it. Whether your plans were to travel, start a business, swap professions or start a family – there has been a crazy amount of unprecedented issues that no one could’ve predicted. The good thing is, you’re not the only one struggling, the world is NOT against you and we will get through this. We at Ritology believe these impacts have enabled us to slow down and actually enjoy what is around us, the small things – instead of posting another under-appreciated Instagram of the sunset.

Pre-pandemic, the stereotypical New Yorker hustle and bustle lifestyle was real. Whether it was getting too caught up on deadlines, weekly appointments, counting calories, attending every meeting or maintaining that #goals social media profile. The silver lining of lockdown is that our work life balance can actually be a balance – and not just an ideation we all like to say we have. Incorporate these easy and life-changing activities into your ‘post-pandemic’ daily routine. Trust us, after 30 days you’ll be unrecognisable!

20 ways to be MINDFUL – not mindless

  1. Dry brush every other morning. The benefits of dry brushing are extensive, but also taking the time to mindfully care for your skin and body is a great practice. While you brush, why not think of everything you are grateful for.
  2. Do NOT touch your phone within the first hour of being awake – instead write down your daily goals, plan the tough parts of the day, stretch your body out!
  3. SHOTS! – not the type you’re thinking (sorry) – make the effort to create a new immunity booster shot once a week with fresh ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass!
  4. Wash your pillow Wednesday – whether it's your linen, bed sheets or hand towels be proactive in weekly cleaning to avoid the sometimes-unnoticed musty scent.
  5. Make daily meditation a habit – we know it’s easier said than done but start off easy – you don’t have to be a yogi-master on your first day. Even 1 minute is a good starting point. It changed our life!
  6. Take at least 15 minutes to slow down and enjoy your shave – what’s the rush? Light a candle, fill a bath and take the time to look after your body. Find our shaving tips here.
  7. Mindful photography – we all have a creative bone whether you deny it or not. Go onto ‘portrait mode’ on your phone and capture the simplicity around you.
  8. Be mindful of others – we all have a phone, therefore we can all help someone in need. There are several apps which provide access to helping those in our local community, try BeMyEyes to support the visually impaired with daily activities we may take for granted. 
  9. Wipe down your desk and computer with your favourite essential oils – whether it’s at work or home we guarantee you will start to feel more present.
  10. STOP – Stop, Take a breath, Observe, and Proceed. Sit with your eyes closed and take notice of all the sounds around you.
  11. Save your pennies – make a conscious effort to save loose change and jar it, at the end of each fortnight treat yourself. Whether it’s a massage or a good bottle of wine – you deserve it!
  12. Mindfully tap away - leave a thoughtful message on a friend or family member’s social media, it’s that easy!
  13. Start planning your post COVID celebration – whether it’s an interstate road trip or an international jet setting extravaganza, start exploring and create a vision board.
  14. Just do it. – we don’t expect you to run a marathon but get outside and move your body. Don’t plug yourself into a podcast or Spotify playlist, instead take in your surroundings and be thankful for who you are and having fresh air to breathe.
  15. Create a tea or coffee ritual – create consistent moments where each morning/afternoon you slow down and feel consumed. Treat yourself to a nice teapot or teacup to enjoy your brew.
  16. Declutter – because what is more satisfying? Don’t forget to recycle, up-cycle or donate locally!
  17. Enjoy a good read – it doesn’t have to a dense and philosophical book, try insightful blogs and news streams such as vice.com or thegoodtrade.com
  18. Say hi to a neighbour – make the effort to get to know the people living around you, who knows you might even be surprised.
  19. Reminisce on childhood memories – get out those photo albums and spend quality time with the family.
  20. Sleep! – while you can, take the time to adopt a healthy (and probably needed) sleep schedule. What a way to end your day and do it all again tomorrow!

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