Swollen Eyelids

Do you ever wake up with swollen or puffy eyes? Swollen eyelids is a result of fluid build up in the thin layers of tissue around the eyes. 

More often than not, swollen eyelids is just an inconvenience that usually resolves on its own within a day. Often the result of allergies, a style, blocked gland, irritation or even just #mumlife. When it's simply due to being tired, try freezing your GuaSha and letting it sit both under, and on the eyelids to help relieve any puffiness. If you can feel some irritation, try rinsing with cool water, or a cool compress cloth! Being prone to a number of allergies, Antihistamine's are the next step to help relieve my dry itchy eyes! 

If however the symptoms linger, definitely investigate further treatment as you do not want to mess around with your eyes. Any swelling or pain that lasts longer than 24 hours should be seen by a specialist immediately.