Single Blade Razor vs Multi

single blade razor vs multi


It’s a thought that I’ve certainly had before and I’m sure many others have too – what is the point of a multi blade razor when a single blade should be able to do the trick? Most razors are marketed in a way that exploits the multi blade cartridge as a ground-breaking, life changing attribute. This, however, does not seem to be the complete truth.

Prior to the 1970’s, a single blade was considered to be the highest standard of razor and was used in barber shops worldwide. The single blade razor allowed users to cleanly cut through the hair and avoid any irritation to the skin beneath, resulting in a clean and close shave. Nonetheless, someone many years ago acknowledged that every single person has different hair types and levels of skin sensitivity, so it was assumed that the world of shaving was not as simple as it seemed.

When the invention of the double blade razor was released to the consumer market in 1971, it was a life changer for customers. The two-blade design made shaving a faster and more convenient task, ultimately resulting in a demand that increased rapidly. This created a competitive market and companies invested large amounts of money to create razor cartridges that would hold multiple blades (up to seven at one point) but didn’t focus their attention to the long-term design and quality of these products.  The multi blade razor worked by pulling the hair with the first blade, cutting the hair below the skin surface with the second, and the third would ensure no hair was missed. This design was a phenomenon for a short while until customers realised the lower quality blades and razor design itself were in fact causing skin irritation, ingrown hairs, cuts, and razor burn. For some, multi blade razors are preferred due to their convenience and low price – but there is no benefit to these razors if you are using a good quality single blade.

Single blade razors are used by enthusiasts and barbers for a reason. They are able to cut the hair more closely, cause less friction with the skin, be super manoeuvrable, and are eco-friendly. They are guaranteed to give you a better result and leave the user feeling comfortable in their skin.