That's right, a single (1, one) blade razor. 

Keep reading to change your shaving life & skin forever.

A single blade razor is the best shaving solution to less irritation. No bumps. No rash.


Using a single blade ensures that the hair is cut right at the surface level. Our Ritology Razors are the sure way to get a silky smooth feel on every surface with less irritation. Standard razors, or any razor with more than two blades, are designed to lift the hair and cut below the surface (shaving off skin in the process - OUCH!). Imagine cutting off your skin and having the hair grown through. Now you get why your skin is screaming out 'SAVE ME' through redness, bumps and rashes every time you shave?

Swap to RITOLOGY single blade razors today and get that silky smooth feeling with less irritation.

The Ritology Smooth Operator Razor is the ultimate razor and shaving solution for women and men - plus they are beautifully designed!


- Less impact on our planet - Approximately 2 billion plastic razors go to landfill every year. Don't add to this statistic. Single Blade Razors last decades and the replacement blades are just that, a single blade, not a plastic coated, toxic soap filled cartridge that isn't doing any one (as discussed above) or the planet any favours.

- The closest shave - You've got to try it to believe it. The RITOLOGY blades & razor go together for the smoothest, silk like feeling you will ever experience. Get shaving with RITOLOGY. Honestly, you deserve better.

- Convenient - Specifically relating to RITOLOGY, we deliver right to your door, as you request. No more realising you need a new blade in the shower just before you go to an important function or beach holiday destination. We've got you covered with blades for less than $2 each!!

No hair clogged in your razor - We all know how irritating this is. Especially if you've left it a little longer than usual in between shaves. You no longer need to worry. You basically have two razors in one. Switch sides as you please for a quick shave. If your hair has gone a little out of control, simply unscrew, dislodge those long ones and you're away with a fresh razor again... Never again will you be trying to find a thin object to pull out the hairs again.

- Compact - Which means it is easy to store (you don't need a whole compartment dedicated to your replacement cartridges (yay!) and we pack down nice an neat for your suitcase.

- Totally stylish - We make this a priority, no one wants a razor that doesn't match their bathroom interiors. 


Make self care a priority. Perfect your daily rituals. Live better. You deserve better.

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