Shaving Before Laser

As we all know, shaving at the right time with the right equipment must be spot on for the best post-laser results. These regular treatments aren’t on the low-cost side and therefore we at Ritology believe your entire hair removal process from beginning to end should remain seamless and to the highest of quality.

Shaving Before Laser


Our number one tip is to shave, don’t wax as the hair follicle (base of hair growth) must be visible for the laser itself to identify the needed areas to attain to. Participating in sugaring, waxing, or hair removal cream will disrupt this process and be ineffective to the laser treatment. In fact, laser clinics will most likely not do the procedure if you have waxed so here is your warning, before you make the effort to get yourself there... Then there is the wait until the hair grows back to book again.

On the flip side, don’t forget to shave! If you don’t the laser is extremely dangerous to the hair follicles and will damage the stem cells which will burn your skin. As a result, blistering may occur leaving permanent blemishes, pigmentation or scarring. Our tip is to have hair in the follicle but NOT above the skin, therefore freshly shaved is the way to go. 

Now onto the equipment. Utilising a clean razor with fresh blades is a must to avoid ingrown hairs, post-shave irritation and to ensure there are no lingering bacteria that could contribute to dermatitis after your laser treatment. Dermatitis involves itchy and dry rashes that are evident through reddened skin and has the potential for blistering and flaky remains.

Timing is key and shaving should occur within 24 hours of your laser appointment. For best results, any laser technician will agree that shaving as close to your appointment will induce favourable hair removal results. Missing any patches will prevent the technician to treat that area as it is likely the hair follicles will be damaged, thus leading to blistering. Remember don’t apply any moisturisers or perspirants between your clean shave and the appointment as this will interfere with the lasers ability to target the hair follicles.

Our Smooth Operator Razor product is the best razor before laser as it provides a clean and fresh finish to the skin, avoiding common issues of ingrown hairs and irritation. Head to @RitologyDaily on Instagram or continue here on our Ritology website to learn more about our products and how they can contribute to your hair removal ritual.