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Highly Recommend!!

Not only a beautiful razor but an amazing way to assist in eliminating unnecessary plastic within your home. Super quick delivery, quality product, appreciated the plastic-free packaging, would highly recommend!

Very Happy with it!

My partner loved her birthday present and she finds it amazing to use!

Best reusable razor ever

I am trying to do my part for the environment baby steps at the time. Finding Ritolgy made me so happy. Not only is it great for the environment - it look good and does an amazing job. Highly recommended

Amazing Razor!

Best razor! So sharp and stylish, highly recommend!

Best shave of my life!!

Took time to get used to but it’s the closest, smoothest shave I’ve had! And I’m helping the environment! Win :)

Wonderful product!


I absolutely love love love this razor! Such a clean shave and so easy to use! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

So easy to use! Literally use no pressure and still get the closest shave!


Hi team, I ordered your product for my girlfriend and was worried it wasn’t going to get to me in time. I had the package within a couple of days and better still, she is loving it! Thank you for the awsome service and product!

Beyond obsessed

I am so in love with this razor. It is not only gorgeous but it is super easy to use. I was a little cautious and nervous the first time I used it but realised right away I shouldn't have been. The team gives you an amazing print out to show you how to best use your razor and if you follow that you will have no issues. Can't recommend this product enough!


I absolutely love the razor . It’s god a lovely weight, performs better than cartridges and I feel like I’m doing that extra bit for the environment .

A new ritual

The name of your product rings true, it really brings to life a luxurious ritual. I’d previously always nicked myself shaving, however this product seems to be my saviour. It’s also looking super cute in our bathroom!

Love it!

This razor gave me the best shave I have ever had. I totally recommend it.

Smooth Shave

My first safety razor and I‘m converted!! Didn’t need to apply any pressure, was a very close shave with no irritation. Plus it’s so much better for the environment. Could not be happier.

Love it!

Takes a bit to get used to but it’s the best shave I think I’ve ever had! Would definitely recommend getting one if you haven’t already!

Closest shave ever

I have never used a straight razor with only one blade! My legs feel like silk; it really is a smooth operator


I can't believe how easy it is to use. I was nervous but it is not as scary as it seems. Just make sure you go gently and the instructions really help. The owners also stepped me through the process which I really appreciate. Thank you so much for the razor I will use for a lifetime and the most economical purchase i've ever made (have you seen the replacement blades!!).


Had my first shave today and the difference from generic store ones is UNREAL!
I could tell right away the shave was different and normally I would get really bad razor burn but not with this beautiful thing!

Thank you two so much for all you do, oh and not to mention the most amazing service!
Can not stress that enough! These lovely humans are just that, lovely.

Lots of love,

Amazing products

Strongly recommend this sustainable razor to you, very smooth, and no plastic.

Never using another razor

I love this subscription, It allows me to never run out of blades for my super sleek razor and its all so easy. I truely feel like im making a difference to the earth while using it. I love the sleek look of the razor and the blades last quite a few shaves so you definitely get your money worth!!!


Nice looking razor.

The perfect shave and brand mission

I'm obsessed with my Ritology razor! My skin is less irritated from using its high quality blades. On top of this - I love and standby their sustainable mission of zero plastic. I will NEVER use a conventional, plastic razor again!

The smoothest shave

A razor that feels as amazing as it looks in your bathroom. Use a shave oil and apply no pressure, just straight smooth lines and you will be feeling silky smooth in no time. An added bonus is you can clean the blade after each use so there are no clogged blades and absolutely zero plastic!