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Exceeded my expectations!

Amazing products, I can't believe it took me so long to try. Love the razor, will never touch a disposable one again and the buff....there are no words!

With Love Gift Set
Ina Cincinnis (@inacincinnis)
Beautiful & Queen Set of Self Care

I love the "with love" gift set - it includes everything you might nee for a wellness day. Totally refreshing, gentle and I can enjoy it whenever I want. Thank you!

Love it

Like all Ritology products, it’s perfect, from the packaging to the item, it’s part of my self care ritual and I just love it, also love the little free gift as a surprise. It smells amazing!! Highly recommend


This soap smells amazing! Reminds you of being at the spa. It's moisturizing and rinses clean. Love it.

Best cleaning bar

My mail smelled so fresh ; my cleaning bar ! It’s not a strong smell just a fresh clean smell. I was not sure about trying it on my hair ; but thought why not? My hair feels like silk ; no conditioner or detangler needed.
Will use this continually as it’s also the best for shaving !

FRESH Cleansing Bar Duo
Suzann Alsager

Love love love it! So sudsy and creamy! I’m hooked!!

Best Body Buff I've used

Such a high quality product, using sustainable materials. The Body Buff works a treat. Feels nice, not too scratchy or rough. It's honestly the best Body buff I've used, highly recommend!

Best Shaver I've ever used!

Honestly everything about the shaver is the bomb! - high quality, efficiency, sustainability. I wish I had come across it earlier!

Silkiest legs

I love love my Smooth Operator Razor! My legs are silky smooth, takes a little longer than a disposable razor but that’s just part of the charm!

Gua Sha-mazing

Love my body shaper gua sha! So good for tension release & has helped relieve headaches. Love it!

Excellent products

Just collected the beautifully wrapped parcel and tried them all, I was so excited! These are the best dry brush and guasha that I have ever owned and so stoked! Thank you!


I've tried a few dry brushed before but they left me feeling sore and certainly not interested in using it again. This brush is so soft and turns my dry brushing into a peaceful ritual ❤️

The best ever

So soft yet so effective. Doesn’t hurt or leave redness or scratches. So soft and comfortable to use. I love it!! Highly recommend

Perfect face massaging

I love it and use it all the time on my face and neck

The most smooth shave you could ask for!

The razor itself is beautifully crafted, easy to put together (blade and head remove easily for cleaning), and it's nice to hold onto. As described, you don't need to apply any pressure - gliding along the skin gets the job done. The shave is incredibly smooth and does not irritate skin. It has been a game changer for me with having super sensitive skin. No razor cuts either! I love that the packaging is enviro-friendly and you can contribute less plastic to landfills by investing in this. If you want some home luxury, this is the item for you!


Was sitting on the fence about buying this razor but holy moly I haven’t regretted it. Never have I ever had a better shave before. Even my husband is amazed by it and wants one for his face.

Amazing self care combo

Being in Melbourne in winter and lockdown, I needed a treat. My skin was so scaly. The body brush is amazing, I can feel my circulation improving and my skin is way smoother. The razor was a bit of a daunting prospect but it is really way easier to use than I thought + is a much smoother shave. Can confirm the best go best together and cannot recommend this bundle more highly

Body Buff is The Brest

I had never dry brushed before trying this; now my skin almost craves it.
I feel rejuvenated and “alive” like circulation had been restored

The Body Shaper - Gua Sha
Chelsey Marchand

It has helped relieve so many tension headaches, I bought a second one to keep in my purse for on the go!

Go slow and you get the best results - love!

The razor is great quality. I have been converted. Close smooth shave. Much better than the disposables- glad I made the switch 👊

Smooth Operator Razor
Sophie Holliman
First Time customer

This is the only razor I have found that does not irritate my skin and gives me the closest shave. The only issue I have is my hair growing back quickly, but I cannot be certain that the razor impacts that. If you are thinking about it, just try it! It's worth it!

Best purchase ever!!!! I bought this for myself but my family tried and are all buying one too. Could not recommend this product more.

Love it

I love it in the mornings as a freshen up for my face. Makes me feel a bit more alive than my sleep deprived mum eyes feel

Love it!

I really love dry brushing and my Ritology Body Brush is so beautiful to use. Thank you!

Ultimate Self Care Bundle
Chelsey Marchand

Slow and steady wins this shave race! It forces you to turn shaving into mediation which is awesome because who doesn’t need more calm, slow movements in life! The weight, the packaging, the quality, it’s all top notch! It takes me back to watching my grandpa shave with his oldschool razor. I’ll be a repeat customer for many gifts to come, not to mention my own refills!♥️🙌🏼