Razors For Women

The landscape for hair removal is vast and when it comes down to selecting the right tool it can be confusing. Weighing up your time, cost, effectiveness, convenience, pain level (waxing and epilators, ouch!).

If we told you that hair removal, particularly shaving, could be an enjoyable act of self care, no longer a rushed chore i’m sure this screen is seeing shocked faces. 

So, what are our options when it comes to razors for women and what options are best?

We’ll dive into that below. But most importantly let’s uncover some truth bombs about shaving!

For so long we have been putting up with the pain of waxing, causing trauma to our skin and believing that redness, rashes and ingrown hairs are just something we have to put up with to be hair free and silky smooth.

These are all tales that can be forgotten forever…. 

What if we told you that the key to finding the perfect razor for your skin is found in less blades. Better still, one quality blade! Yes, that’s right, one blade. Did you know that multiple blades on a razor are unnecessary, and some would say wasteful? If a single blade razor is of a high quality, it will cut your hair at the perfect length, not irritate your skin and keep your skin intact without damage. 

Tip # 1: Find a razor with one single, high quality blade. Don’t settle with ‘i just have to put up with this’ any longer.

Tip # 2: If you’re like us, we really dislike grime build up between razor blades (just another reason for a single blade that is easy to clean). Did you know that the soap strips on a razor can be a breeding ground for bacteria? Especially between blades that are difficult to clean and filled with grime and old hair. That’s all we needed to know too.

Tip # 3: While shaving, our skin is very sensitive. Look for a razor that is plastic free and chemical free. It'll help the planet at the same time.

Tip # 4: Find a razor that genuinely makes you feel good and look forward to using. Just like a face mask or serum, take care of your legs, under arms, bikini line and any other areas with the love, care and attention they deserve and they’ll love you right back.

We’ve bundled all of these wishes into one and created a razor that we couldn’t find anywhere else. Not only good for our skin, good for our planet but makes us feel good as well.

Oh, we’re all for convenience so blades that can be delivered, on our schedule is of course why Ritology is available both as a single purchase or as a subscription. We don’t want to be using dull blades or running to the store last minute!

BONUS - your tan (real or spray on) will stay glowing for longer and your hair isn’t cut lower as each blade passes resulting in having to push through the skin (ingrowns).