Razor Disposal

Did you know our Smooth Operator razor blades are doubled edged and 100% recyclable! Meaning ZERO added waste hitting our landfills. Being recyclable, you will feel good frequently changing your blade for a top shave every time as you will be able to dispose and recycle your used blades in the metal bin at most local recycling centres. 
To avoid frequent visits to the recycling centre, simply safely store and collect your used blades until you have enough to take in. By properly disposing and recycling your blades, you will help address the more than 2 billion razor blades thrown away each year in the US alone! Here’s how it’s done:
  1. Blade Safe: A blade safe or tin/metal container: If you don’t have a blade safe, simply cut a slot for the blade and duct tape the end of the tin can. It becomes the perfect storage unit for used blades which can be disposed of and recycled with your razors at the local recycling centre. 
  2. Sharp container: Most pharmacies, chemists and drug stores can provide you with a sharps container. Once you fill the approved sharps container, you can duct tape it shut and return to the same local drug store, chemist or pharmacy.  
  3. Collection Programs: There are a few safe sharps collection programs in many locations specifically in North America but also abroad. If you don’t have a sharps container, you can purchase a blade safe storage container or simply recycle a tin can or other metal container to store and dispose of your blades at the approved sharps collection locations (often at hospitals, chemists, drug stores, community organisations, etc). 
 Any methods for recycling blades that we have missed? Let us know!