Oatmeal Bath Benefits

Oatmeal baths don’t just make your skin feel incredibly soft, but as a natural skin protectant, it offers a long list of benefits including:

  1. Soothing. Soaking in an oatmeal bath can reduce inflammation and soothe irritation. 
  2. Moisturising. Creating a protective barrier over your skin, an oatmeal bath can assist in retaining moisture. 
  3. Antioxidant. Vitamin D, fiber and magnesium are only a few of the nutrients found in Oatmeal which are all beneficial for the skin. 

If you have had an oatmeal bath, you know that smooth skin feeling!

We are all about our weekly self care bath, especially with our oatmeal to really bathe in the benefits.  If however you do have skin conditions such as eczema, try to limit your soaks to every fortnight so not to dry out the skin further! Your oatmeal soaks should be 15 minutes to ensure the best results, don't soak for hours!