Massage Therapy

Massage was once limited to exclusive spas however today massage is offered in various capacities due to its health benefits. 

Although there is a variety of massage styles out there, massage is generally speaking the rubbing or pressing of muscles, tendons and ligaments. From a gentle Swedish massage to a deep tissue Remedial massage, I'm here for it all! 

Why Massage?

Although its often thought of as a spa massage, today massage is considered part of integrative medicine. Sports physicians, therapists and health practitioners use massage as a standard part of treatment for various conditions and ailments. Here's a few of our favourite benefits believed to come from a massage: 

  • stress relief 
  • reduced anxiety and depression
  • self care & relaxation
  • muscle tension & pain relief 
  • improved circulation 
  • improved immune function 
  • lymphatic drainage 
  • muscle recovery & repair 
  • skin health and appearance

New to massage?

If you haven't had a massage before, we highly suggest booking in or even doing yourself in the comfort of your own home. 

The type of massage best for you will be completely dependent on the results you hope to achieve. For example, the only reason I get my hair done is so I get that 5 minute relaxing head massage while treating my hair! In all seriousness though, your wishes will impact whom and what style can assist you best. Simply ensure your therapist is certified and of course experienced. Sometimes your massage may even be covered partially by your health care provider! 

You can usually book your 10-90 minute massage at any massage therapy business or spa. You often feel a little loopy after a massage, with the blood all circulating and toxins leaving the body, so sometimes an at home massage is a blessing! It allows you to avoid having to put yourself together afterwards, and continue relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Some masseuses use hot stones or tools such as Gua Sha to assist in relieving muscle tension and pain.  In fact, these practices have been used for decades by a number of cultures and are still highly popular today given the results. 

If short on time or funds, you can use your own Body Shaper Gua Sha tool to help relieve pressure points and muscle tension at home in your time. Better yet, get your partner to assist and make an evening out of it! 


Ensure you speak to your appropriate health care practitioner before booking in a massage, especially if pregnant or you have serious health conditions. 

Final Notes 

Massage is a feel good way to relax and unwind but also a powerful way to improve your health and wellbeing. You can't pour from an empty cup but thankfully a massage can fill it right back up!