How to Wash Linen

Although linen has a status of being a premium material, taking care of the fabric does not require any fancy or specialised processes. It has been used as a textile for thousands of years, well before the invention of dry cleaners or extravagant detergents. The simple nature of the flax plant derived fabric allows for the care of your linen clothes or textiles to be simple too. To keep your linens looking their best, there are a few rules to keep in mind. 

 How to wash linen

The first step in washing your linen products is to check the label or tag. Some linens are blended with other fabrics and could have particular washing requirements, so it’s important to read the individual care instructions.

Once you’ve established what materials your products are made from and the care label instructions have given you a suggested wash method - it’s time to get to cleaning. Linen is best washed with one of two techniques;  gentle machine wash or hand wash. With both, always use cold water and a mild detergent and ensure your machine or sink is not too tightly packed as the garments should be able to move freely. The beauty of linen is that it becomes softer and more comfortable the more its washed and used, which is the complete opposite of its material counterparts.

After your linen has been washed, it is best to hang the items from a clothesline and let them air dry. Dryer heat can often damage the quality of the linen and make it very stiff which is not ideal, so it’s best to avoid the tumble dryer.

Linens most favoured flaw is its proneness to wrinkles, so there is really no need to iron your linen products. Air drying the garments should remove all major creases and only leave behind the natural wrinkles that give linen its relaxed and soft feel. If you want to iron your linens, it is completely fine to do so. However, no matter how much you iron it, the garment will still get a little wrinkly once you wear it.

Not only has linen stolen our hearts with its eco-friendly, anti-allergenic properties and chic appearance, but it’s simple and easy care instructions is really what should make you swoon.