Hair Bumps

Itchy, uncomfortable, painful and at times, frustrating. We’re talking about razor rashes and bumps that can ruin what is meant to be a silky-smooth shave. If you have these concerns, we have great news. There are steps you can take to protect your skin while you shave and get the results you’re seeking! 
Razor rashes and bumps are actually two different skin conditions. Razor rashes, or razor burn, is often red, tender and terribly itchy. Razor bumps can be in the form of an ingrown hair which forms when a hair curls back into the skin, growing under the skin’s surface. 
Your razor, how you shave and your genetics all play a role as to whether you are predisposed to razor burn and bumps. If your skin is naturally more sensitive, you will be at higher risk of developing skin irritation when shaving but the following are a huge contributing factor to these unsightly bumps: 
  1.   a dull or dirty blade;
  2.   dry shaving; 
  3.   incorrect barrier (soap, oil, foam) for your skin type; and
  4.   multiple blades.  
Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent bumps, burn and ingrown hairs
  1. Exfoliate to open up the hair follicles removing any blockage that may otherwise result in an ingrown hair. 
  2. Ensure to change out your blades regularly for a clean cut. 
  3. Use an all-natural lubricant while shaving to allow the razor to glide smoothly along the skin. 
  4. We are firm believers in a single blade razor. The more blades the more passes along the skin and consequently an increased likelihood of irritation.
  5. Don’t forget your post shave care. Moisturising the skin after shaving will replenish the moisture lost and rid the skin of dead cells which often clog the hair follicles contributing to the red bumps and ingrown hairs.