Atopic dermatitis better known as eczema is a condition that makes your skin inflamed, red, rough and itchy. Being chronic, it is prone to flaring up periodically and regularly appears with asthma or hay fever. 

The flare up can be triggered by a number of different things including certain foods or environmental factors. Unfortunately, it is not a curable condition however there are steps you can take to manage symptoms. 

A common question we are asked is how can I shave without triggering a flare up? 

Although flares ups can occur sporadically, there are some steps you can put into practice to do your part when shaving to prevent one. It all comes down to preparation beforehand. Please however do not shave if the skin is cracked or broken, wait for it to heal before shaving that area again. 

  1. Ensure your skin is clean. We recommend a light exfoliation (patting as opposed to rubbing) to remove any dead skin providing for a smoother shave. 
  2. Lubrication and moisture are extremely important when it comes to shaving, let alone shaving with eczema. A good lubricant whether it be a shave gel or oil developed for sensitive skin will retain moisture all while creating a barrier between the blade and your skin, allowing the razor to simply glide without irritation. We strongly recommend steering clear of shave foams which can be harsh, drying the skin out. 
  3. Always use a new blade as this will not only provide for a smoother shave, it will substantially reduce any irritation. Whilst you are at it, a single sharp blade is all that is needed to provide a smooth irritation free shave. The more blades, the more passes on the skin. 
  4. Shaving with the grain is a great tip for those that suffer sensitive skin. 
  5. Post shave simply pat dry the legs, avoiding any rubbing. 
  6. Don’t ever forget the moisturiser! Specifically a moisturiser designed for dry, eczema prone skin. It is vital to healthy skin replenishing any moisture lost while shaving.


We always recommend our gentle, less irritating single blade, zero waste razor for sensitive skin. 

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