Dry Brushing Face

Let's talk about dry brushing your face. Who, what, when, how and why. Dry brushing is all the rage and according to beauty experts, for good reason! Although an ancient technique, dry brushing the face is relatively new. Using a smaller version of a body brush with softer bristles for a more gentle exfoliation, facial dry brushes are to be used as the name states, on dry skin, after your usual cleansing routine. Similar to our body brush ritual, facial brushing gently sweeps away dead skin cells exfoliating, increasing circulation, and de-puffing the face! 

If new to facial dry brushing, we suggest rounded heads with soft bristles. Always brush on dry, clean skin using gentle circular motions working the brush upwards and outwards. Like always, we emphasise being gentle on your skin, no harsh scrubbing or pulling. Do this for a few minutes each day, any time. It is not only beneficial for your skin, but a simple ritual to unwind and meditate. Post brushing, pop on your usual facial oil or serum and relish in the smooth skin feels all around.