Diet and Complexion

We’re all about our skincare serums and gua sha facials, but good skin starts from within.  Nourishing foods with key nutrients are essential to support skin turnover keeping your skin clear, soft and with that healthy glow!

No matter how well we eat, our skin will of course age with time meaning wrinkles and age spots are inevitable, but a healthy diet can slow down the aging process.

So what kind of diet are we talking about? We come from a holistic mindset but a wholefoods diet should be your main intake. Or should we say lifestyle. Think real food, unprocessed and unrefined grains, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables.

More specifically, our skin loves antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables, healthy fats from seafood, avocados and nuts, and for the most part a variety. All those foods offering a healthy dose of crucial nutrients including vitamin C and E, beta carotene, zinc and selenium.

So how does your diet affect your skin exactly?

Your skin is your bodies largest organ. It requires water, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to thrive just as much as protection from dangerous elements such as the sun and toxins. 

Drinking enough water for example is one of the healthiest habits for your skin regardless of your skin type. By providing your inner organs and skin with moisture, you are replenishing all that has been lost throughout the day preventing dry skin and retaining that supple appearance!

As with all of your body’s organs, what you eat can greatly impact your skins health. When you eat foods high in healthy oils and omega 3 fatty acids such as fish and nuts, you can help boost collagen production in your skin and help prevent premature wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. The increased collagen will mean noticeably smoother glowing skin!

Rich coloured fruit and veggies are usually boasting with carotenoids which can be converted to Vitamin A. Yep, a key ingredient in most of our skin care rituals. Vitamin A is essential for skin cell reproduction. They are usually high in Vitamin C, a fave skin care antioxidant, which assists in manufacturing collagen production and preventing premature signs of aging.

Processed foods including lollies, white bread, cereals and sugary drinks do not contain the essential nutrients that your skin, body or mind require. In fact, they may spike blood sugar levels increasing inflammation in the body which may increase acne and blemishes on the skin. For the most part, try replacing these items with lower glycemic index carbs including all-natural veggies and complex whole grains.

We all have different skin types and therefore what what person needs to add more of into their diet may differ from the next. To find out what foods you should be eating for your skin type check out our blog.