Ever thought of shaving your face? Turns out you're definitely not alone!

We are all for shaving. In fact, we live for that post shave silky smooth feeling. Originally, shaving your face may sound a little strange if you haven't heard the new craze. It’s changing lives around the globe. This procedure or facial is called dermaplaning, or often better known as a scalpel facial. The primary purpose of dermaplaning is to rid the face of peach fuzz!  You know those little fuzzy hairs coating our bodies that everyone has, they’re called vellus hairs. Some people however have thicker, more visible hairs than others and therefore opt for dermaplaning. A medical grade scalpel is used, gliding across the skin to remove the peach fuzz. Simple as that really. 

Why dermaplaning and not other hair removal methods? Laser hair removal doesn’t work on blonde or gray hairs, with best results on fair skin and darker hair. Waxing can lead to irritation, bumps and traumatises the skin (especially the delicate skin on your face), which is not the desired look when you go into the salon. 

Besides hair removal, dermaplaning is often used as part of a facial, ridding the face of any dead skin. As a result, your skin care routine can sink in better with optimal results providing a smooth surface for flawless makeup. Although dermaplaning can offer some flawless results, it should be done with caution, especially if you have acne, skin conditions or a history of cold sores. Any bumps or raises in the skin could easily be nicked and due to potential microtears in the skin, cold sores could easily spread.

If however you do have darker vellus hairs and laser isn’t an option, dermaplaning is a simple option to brighten up the skin!

The good news is, there are dermaplaning tools that can be used at home. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully and keep the blade fresh and clean always!