Creams for Ingrown Hair

If you regularly remove hair from your body then you’ve likely had to deal with ingrown hairs at least once before. While you are likely to be tempted to pick at the painful red skin bump, your best bet at safely removing it without causing further infection would be to naturally stimulate the hair to come out using a treatment cream. 

Particular treatment creams can help reduce inflammation which will soothe the irritated skin and remove the painful ingrown hair. For successful treatment, is important to consider products that’s core ingredient are one of the following:

  • Aloe vera
  • Chamomile
  • Tea tree
  • Colloidal oatmeal
  • Green tea

These ingredients all have natural soothing qualities and are antibacterial which will reduce redness, eliminate any pain and significantly reduce the risk of infection. By calming and softening the skin around the irritated area, the ingrown hair will be encouraged to grow through the skin’s surface as normal and repair the inflamed area itself.

Whilst there are many ingrown remedy options available, treatment creams are often the most effective as they not only remove the trapped hair but also maintain the moisture of the surrounding skin to prevent future ingrown hairs. These creams also are mostly made with the above mentioned ingredients and don’t often contain harmful things like alcohol, dye and fragrances which can potentially lead to more ingrown hairs.

With this being said, if the ingrown hair is lying deep beneath the skin’s surface or is showing signs of a severe infection (lots of pus, increased swelling), leave it alone and consult your trusted doctor for treatment.