Chickweed for Skin

Stellaria media, or better known as Chickweed, is a flowering plant with extreme cooling properties. This herbal remedy is just breaking into the skincare realm and we’ve got the inside scoop for you!

Chickweed for Skin

The folk remedy is comprised of herbal and naturally produced products including flavonoids and vitamin C. These properties induce the natural reduction of inflammation experience on a day to day basis or even post-shave. Such anti-irritation benefits are due to the ‘plaster-like’ protection the natural remedy provides to protect and look after swollen areas.

Supporting the current ill times, Chickweed has been identified as a natural solution to aiding phlegm build-up when ingested to loosen mucus and overcome that unshakable cough. Home remedies also value the plant being used in rheumatic pain and psoriasis relief. Other homoeopathy ideals support the chickweed herb to assist those experiencing conjunctivitis, constipation skin ailments and even obesity.

In serving digestion and weight loss, the herbal treatment minimises progesterone-induced obesity, a health concern related to hormone imbalances. This is seen more prevalent in women and can be better served through practical Chickweed ingestion which delays the absorption of dietary fats and carbohydrates in the intestines.

 We recommend regular Chickweed use through enjoying a warm cup of herbal tea or in your daily skin care ritual to alleviate mild skin irritation. Stay tuned with @RitologyDaily Instagram page as we have some special Chickweed-based surprise coming to you soon.