Body Brush

Want to know the best body brush for your skin? They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials so we’ve broken them down for you! 

  • The Bristles. Bristles range from agave cactus bristles to goat hair, all with a varying degree of exfoliation catering to all skin types and values. Not huge fans of synthetic fibres, we opt for any of the natural bristles. Some of which, such as the natural sisal fibers are also biodegradable! If you suffer from sensitive skin, always opt for a gentle bristle remembering not to exfoliate too hard. 
  • The Handles. Handle lengths vary from incredibly long for the hard to reach areas such as your back to no handle at all, simply a strap across the hand. Opt for those made from wood, recycled or recyclable materials. Steer clear of any sneaky plastic.

How to use a body brush:

  1. We suggest brushing prior to bathing, showering or shaving and if we are being fussy, in the morning to kick start the day
  2. Starting at the feet, brush upwards towards the heart using short light strokes, brushing each area 2-3 times over. Always work towards the heart to increase blood flow and circulation. 
  3. If you have sensitive skin, ensure you are using mild bristles and not too much pressure. Always avoid any wounds or rashes which may otherwise get irritated.
  4. Like any self-care ritual, slow down, be present and mindful of each motion and enjoy the serenity that comes from caring for yourself.

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