Best Razor For Sensitive Skin

We are often asked to share our thoughts on the best razor for sensitive skin.

It can be frustrating, taking every precaution when removing unwanted hair only to be left with burning red skin, bumps, and ingrown hairs. We’ve been there. 

With so many razors on the market, when it comes to sensitive skin it’s important to understand what sets razors apart. 

Skin irritation and allergies occur for a variety of reasons and come from different places, whether it’s your shave prep, the soap being used, or often overlooked- the razor itself. 

Women seem to flock to the multi blade plastic razors with lubricating strips in the hopes that it will resolve their shaving concerns when in fact, it’s often the cause of shaving irritation. 

There’s a reason the old school shaving methods are still one of the most trusted by professionals to date! Suffering from sensitive skin, redness, bumps and far too many ingrown hairs ourselves, we set out on a mission to find an irritation free shave. If you are reading this seeking an effective way to relieve your shaving pains, save money all while saving the planet, we have you covered. 

Our favourite razor for those suffering from sensitive skin is the classic double-edged single blade safety razor. With a quality single sharp blade, the hair is cut clean with one pass which means you aren’t scraping a razor blade over again and again, increasing the comfort of the shave. There is no need for multiple blades which only cut further and further below the skin's surface with each passing of a blade aggravating the skin, while damaging the hair at a number of angles often causing it to curl, and you guess it, forming the dreaded ingrown hair. 

A weighted safety razor is literally the answer to your prayer. Safety razors are surprisingly heavy allowing the weight of the razor handle to do the work for you, meaning no added or unnecessary pressure required. 

With a straight edge, you have full control over your shave and how often and where the blade touches the skin. 

With fully recyclable and inexpensive blades, you won’t feel guilty changing out your blade regularly. A dull, or dirty blade will only make your shave and irritation progressively worse. So go on, keep your blades fresh! 

Safety razors are either closed combed or opened combed. A close combed razor isn’t nearly as aggressive as an open combed razor due to the protective metal layer preventing direct contact, reducing the likelihood of irritation or burn. Choose close combed every time.