Best Hair Removal

Now that Summer is just around the corner, it is important to start considering hair removal as a part of your beauty routine. Now we’re not saying that hair removal is a must, but for those of us who enjoy a fresh clean feeling when going for a dip, it is important to find the best hair removal option, or combination, for you. 

Best Hair RemovalWAX

Whether it’s at home with store-bought waxing strips, or at the salon with a professional beautician, this method is relatively uncomfortable as it involves quick rips of heated wax from target skin areas. Waxing utilises a thick strip of heavy sticky material to cleanly rip the hair follicles from its root in the opposite direction. If you’re a beginner, we recommend going into your local salon as this method is moderately painful – maybe bring a friend’s hand to hold.

Waxing is best used for stubborn hairs and large surfaces. Using this method on your legs, underarms and even bikini area will provide a quick and smooth finish. This hair removal approach will last for approximately 3 weeks, depending on your hair type and thickness. As opposed to some other methods, waxing is relatively affordable depending on your beautician, the targeted areas and the quality of wax. Our rule of thumb is the better-quality wax i.e, not store-bought, the less pain you’re likely to experience.

 On the flip side, waxing might not be for everyone. Treatments are definitely on the more painful side and are more harsh on your skin compared to a simple shave, especially on those more sensitive areas. We usually expect some redness and irritation post wax due to the traumer to the skin. If you’re wanting a silky-smooth feeling every day during summer, waxing may not be the best option as regrowth must be about half a cm or more long for the wax to be effective. Those who are regular waxers also experience ingrown hairs more frequently as opposed to a clean shave or laser hair removal. 


Hair removal creams, also known as depilatories, are available from chemists, supermarkets, pharmacist and even some convenience stores. They are available in forms of creams, lotions, gels, roll-ons, powders and sprays making them extremely adaptable depending on the user’s preference. 

Hair removal creams are unique in its approach to hair removal as it utilises a chemical base to break down the keratin in hair fibres. Thioglycolic acid (TGA) weakens the follicle which dissolves the hair from the root and allows for an easy wipe away. This strategy of hair removal is pain-free, easy to use and relatively inexpensive costing around $5 - $15 per bottle. 

Unfortunately, this hair removal strategy does utilise chemical odours that aren’t suitable for sensitive skin and usually leaves an unpleasant scent post use. It is important to understand the ingredient list before using hair removal creams as there is a possibility for allergic reactions. This method is not the best option for long-lasting results as hair removal occurs just below the skin.


Epilators are very much new and underused within the hair removal scene, in fact, many women (and men) have never heard of this method before. Similar to waxing, an epilator targets hair removal from the root through a compact rotation of metallic tweezers. The handheld device utilises a rotating head that facilitates several integrated tweezers for a quick and seamless finish. As the hairs are pilled directly from the follicles these results will last longer as opposed to shaving, and the hairs will grow back thinner within the long run.  

Epilators are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $30 to $100, and can last up to 3 years if taken care of properly. This cost per use is insanely tiny, and due to its long life span, you’re not contributing to the 2 billion razors that end up in landfill every year. Epilators are also handy because you can use them whenever and wherever you want as minimum hair length is not a requirement. 

We know what you’re thinking – where has this product been all my life. But before you rush in to purchase it there are some downsides that we discovered. Like waxing, ingrown hairs are more prevalent with epilator use. Our biggest tip here is to exfoliate target areas as best as you can to minimise the likelihood of this occurring. Epilation is similar in its method to waxing, so unfortunately the pain level is about the same making at home use harder when performed by yourself. With this in mind, self-epilation is quite a lengthy process taking about 30 – 40 minutes for legs, bikini line and underarm. It is a long time to endure the pain! The handheld product has about a 45-minute battery life so a full recharge after each use is recommended. 


If you’re familiar with Ritology, you have probably seen our other articles on laser hair removal – but here is a quick run-down. We love laser hair removal as a long-term solution as hair re-growth is significantly slower, thinner and easy to maintain. You can choose to target almost anywhere on your body and it is less painful than waxing or epilators. We love the ease of going into the laser clinic and leaving the hair removal to the specialist, as well as the flexibility to shave in between appointments. 

On the flip side, this strategy is costly, must be done routinely (every 4 – 8 weeks depending) and requires several pre and post appointment steps – click here to learn more.


Not to be biased or anything… but we love shaving here at Ritology. Out of the aforementioned hair removal options, it is the easiest, cheapest and more pain-free method that can be done anywhere at any time. When performed properly in conjunction with exfoliation, hot water and soothing creams/gels shaving will leave a clean and smooth result anywhere on the body. Our favourite combination of hair removal is our Smooth Operator Razor with between and just before laser hair removal appointments. 

However, there is a dark side to shaving, depending on the type of eco-warrior you are. Disposable plastic razors contribute to the growing landfill in our seas every day and take years and years to biodegrade. That’s why we at Ritology have been so passionate in creating a fully eco option to shaving, with our packing and product material 100% sustainably and ethically made.