Aloe Vera Benefits

We’re told by every magazine and many health experts to incorporate aloe vera into our daily routines through lotions, gels, ointments and even into our morning smoothies - but what is aloe vera and where is all the hype coming from?

Aloe Vera is a medically beneficial succulent that has been widely used since the Egyptian period. Today, it is favouriably used as a sunburn reliever due to its ideal hydration and anti-inflammatory properties that are also frequently present in the reduction of heartburn. The inexpensive moisturizing plant can be applied a few times a day to treat mild burns for wound healing and pain relief.

Beyond its core belief, aloe vera is becoming more prominent in skincare and beauty regimes. Aloe-based products have been designed to target acne and mild skin blemishes due to its fewer irritating properties than conventional acne treatment. Similarly, combining the hydrating supplement with traditional acne medication has been proven to show quicker signs of spot relief. Supporting the notion of skin restoration, regular succulent use helps the issue of dried skin and locks in moisture to promote new skin-cell growth. The nature pH balancer has the ability to remove dead skin and assist in the elimination of redness and irritated surfaces. 

Another aloe beauty hack you may not have heard of is the support of oral health. Aloe vera has recently been introduced as an alternative and supporting agent in maintaining that dentist-approved smile. The natural option promotes lower levels of candida, plaque and gingivitis with no adverse side effects. When ingested as a supplement, aloe-vera is a natural alternative for assisting in bodily change such as newly introduced acidic diets or stress relief.

We know what you’re thinking by now… maybe the hype is real, and can someone please take my money? The incorporation of this hydrating agent can be supplemented into your daily products such as shower gels, body lotions, face masks, toothpaste and cleansers. When actively absorbing these goods it's important to remember aloe vera is safe to use and is currently being produced at a sustainable rate - what more do we need to say!

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