Aloe Vera

Most of you would be familiar with aloe vera, especially after the first sun shining day after a long cold winter - #relief! Not only does aloe vera relieve sunburns and assist in healing wounds, but the plant itself has a wide array of incredible qualities. Hence its other names as the wonder plant or healing plant. 

It’s been used for medicinal purposes for a very long time, as far back as ancient Egypt! Although native to North Africa, Europe and the Canary Islands, the healing plant is now grown around the world to assist with:

  1. Skin care:  being high in antioxidants, aloe vera works as an effective moisturiser and pain reliever whilst also preventing sun damage. 
  2. Digestion:  Some reports suggest that aloe can assist with digestion related issues such as GERD by helping to settle the stomach.
  3. Keeping vegetables fresh: When covered in aloe, many vegetables stay fresher for longer. 
  4. Mouthwash alternate: It has been reported that some of the properties in Aloe Vera can assist in preventing cavities and bacteria growth. 
  5. Lowering blood sugar. Some studies have reported aloe vera to achieve better fasting blood glucose levels, in addition to reducing body fat and weight! 
  6. Wounds: aloe vera can increase the amount of collagen in wounds and thereby promote wound healing and a great way to calm razor burn! 

Aloe vera no doubt lives up to its name as a wonder plant. Whether you are using it raw, in capsules, juices or gels, always ensure your supply is a trusted, clean and high quality source before adding it to your beauty or health care routine. 

This article is not intended to provide medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or endorsement.