Date night at the weight room?

Okay, so maybe a Saturday evening date in a sweat box weight room isn’t the most romantic of settings but there are numerous benefits that may make a session at the gym the best date yet. Here are just a few of the many reasons to skip the movies and ice cream and get your pump on.



  1. You will be more motivated.


Whether it’s your partner or gym buddy, you are more likely to stick to a regular gym routine if you are meeting someone there. It’s easy to cancel plans on yourself but you can’t do it to someone who is counting on you. If you schedule a session each day at a certain time, you will be much more likely to go and even more likely to turn “showing up’ into a habit. Soon, it will just be part of your regular day and NO ONE EVER regretted a workout!


  1. You can make workouts FUN

I am well aware that burpees and the ‘getting nowhere fast’ treadmill are not words often associated with “fun” but regardless of what exercise you are performing you can turn it into a challenge or a game. The winner may get a prize of his/her choosing! ;) Take turns planning the exercises or choice of activity and push each other along. Plus who says you have to train each day in the gym? Go outside and enjoy your beautiful weather by enjoying a game of tennis, beach volleyball or even a sunset beach run or sprint session! On the weekends, forget the stairmaster and take in a hike with a romantic picnic lunch at the end instead. Lots of fun can be had in the privacy of the rainforest or at the beach after dark – not that I know anything about this! By changing up your routine you will keep your body guessing and responding.


  1. You will train HARDER

A major benefit of training with your partner is that you will undoubtedly train harder, burning more calories and building more lean muscle. The intensity in your session will always be greater than if you were training by yourself, as you never want to disappoint!


  1. Healthy Heart

We all know that the health benefits of exercise are endless. Sadly we pay thousands of dollars each year on insurance when one of the greatest and underused forms of prevention is right under our nose. The risks of not exercising are far too serious. To ensure a long, healthy and happy relationship, encourage one another to live, eat and breathe a healthier life, not just for yourselves but also for one another.  


  1. Double up the Calories Burned

Believe it or not, exercise and sex have heaps in common: sweat, calories burned, stress release, increased blood flow and circulation and some feel good chemistry. The two can in fact go hand in hand. Besides the healthy benefits, exercise improves physical appearance, mental state, and accordingly improves self-confidence. In addition, exercise increases libido releasing all of your ‘happy’ hormones! So, if you are exercising with your object of desire (your partner), watching him or her sweat it out during a massive session, it’s quite certain that you two will have a difficult time keeping your hands off of each other afterwards resulting in a ‘double up session’ or “finisher” under the covers. This can strengthen your emotional bond as a couple, and gives you a chance to spend more time together. Free relationship counselling!


The long and short of it all is that we are generally better people to be around when we are healthy and happy. This can only add up to a healthier and happier relationship long term.


Write out some of your fitness goals with your partner today, which you can both work on together, and strive to become a rocking power couple!

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Susan Gonzalez

I believe that working out with your partner brings thee relationship tp another level.

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