By now, most of us are aware that we are to eat as natural as possible, organic, no preservatives. We are here to share WHY we are constantly bombarded with these messages, and whether they are important.
natural skin care
To cut straight to the chase, if we want to live a long healthy life and it’s proven that preservatives and toxins will not assist this in any shape or form. 
So why is personal care any different? Organic and natural skin care are vital to not only a more beautiful you, but healthier from the inside out. 
Your skin is the largest organ of the body. It absorbs nearly everything you put on it which is actually a bit scary. The majority of products out there are filled with harsh chemicals and toxins. For example, the word ‘fragrance’ is a word used to cover up a wide range of chemical additives. These toxic ingredients can cause acute toxic effects even to the point of developmental problems and abnormalities. From years of research, we steer clear of any products containing the word fragrance, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, FD&C color pigments, and so many others! 
Natural skin care products are filled with nutrients that feed your skin, and truly help you to look radiant and beautiful in a way no chemical could mask. 
Sensitive skin and allergic reactions are often a result of the chemicals found in many skin care products. Natural skin care will and has always been the cure. No doubt there’s a reason for this. 
Woman who are hoping to fall pregnant are also at a higher risk of infertility and reproductive problems if exposed to various chemicals. 
So why aren’t we all using natural skin care? Marketing plays a big role in this. Whether it’s a cool new product, a quick fix etc, it’s like a yo yo diet. Just eat real wholesome food. Same goes for your skin, just take proper care of your skin by nourishing and feeding it with nutrients your skin will love.  Better yet, do what’s right for our environment. Natural skin care manufacturing will not disrupt natures wonders. We have one world, and one life. Be kind to your skin, kind to yourself, and kind to this world. 



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