Sometimes the simple things make the biggest difference.

lunch time swap


You work hard at the office and back it up at the gym but are you shortcutting the quality of your lunch in the process? 

We get it. Time is limited. Everything about society is fast paced and sometimes it's hard to keep up, but you shouldn't be sacrificing your body's sole source of fuel in the process. A proper lunch and healthy snack with just a few nutritious swaps can not only save you money and calories each week but also keep your mental focus and energy on par ready to meet the world's demands. 





Sandwich & Deli Meat

Real meat (roast or grilled chicken, beef, turkey, fish etc)

Deli meats are pumped full of sugar, salt, starch, preservatives and other mysterious ingredients. Why not eat the real deal? Something healthy, packed with protein without the unnecessary additives. It’s a go.


Creamy Alfredo Pasta

Side of whole wheat pasta

Rather than an entire meal of white sauce pasta opt for a side serving of whole-wheat pasta with an all-natural tomato sauce!          


Chips & Gravy

Sweet Potato Fries                       

A side dish of baked sweet potato fries is not only easy to bake up but provides much better nourishment than the deep fried chips served at the nearby fish & chip shop. 


Creamy Salad Dressing                 

Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon, fresh Herbs or Greek Yogurt          

Skip the preservatives and saturated fats and go straight to the source. 




Nuts are a great way to add the crunch to a salad while adding some protein and healthy fats! 




Mashed avocado is the perfect texture and taste to replace mayonnaise. Plus its full of fiber and healthy fats.                             


Juice/ Dried fruit


Most people don’t realize just how much sugar, additives and calories are in fruit juice and dried fruit. Plus you are missing out on the nutrients and fiber found in the skin! Pick up a apple instead!



Sparkling Water with Lemon

It’s a no brainer. Whether its full sugar soda or low calorie, nobody can understand the chemical make up of the product so why are we putting it in our mouths? There is nothing more refreshing then some sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime. Feeling crazy? Muddle in some fresh mint for a virgin Mojito!



Long Black

Skip the milky coffees and give a long black a go. If you struggle to part with the milk, try adding a tbsp of full fat cream and cinnamon instead.


Mid-morning Muffin

¼ cup of Nuts

Roasted or raw nuts are packed with protein and fiber making them a perfect snack when you need to be on your “A” game. Do watch your portion size though!


Potato Chips

Carrot sticks and hummus

Skip the salt and saturated fat and go for some carrot sticks with a side of hummus. The crunch without the guilt.





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Linda Rios-Anderzak

I switched from packaged lunch meats to fresh cut meats from the deli….the taste is so different and good, the cost I found so less and the overall taste in a sandwich is great.

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