The best kept lymphatic drainage secret

Lymphatic drainage is one of the most popular, effective and easy to implement self-care strategies to date. This technique has truly taken the world by storm, but what actually is it, who’s doing it, where can I get it done and what are some best-kept secrets to lymphatic drainage? 

To start with, the lymphatic system comprises a network of organs and tissues that work to eliminate unwanted materials from the body – including that bottle of rosé from last Saturday. In this filtration process, the body's lymph nodes excrete fluid leaving a debloating sensation that naturally tightens the skin. This process is common while your body is in rest mode overnight – this is why sometimes you feel a bit smaller when waking up as compared to the night before. This natural process can be sped up with regular lymphatic drainage exercises including deep tissue massages, Gua Sha use, and of course dry body brushing. 

Dry Body Brushing

Using a body brush is one of the quickest, most cost-effective, and relaxing strategies to accelerate lymphatic drainage. Regular rhythmical massages each morning for 3 – 5 minutes will promote fluid circulation to lymphatic vessels that are just under the skin. Unlike other lymphatic drainage-based tools, dry body brushes have a large surface area that helps target the entire body. The fine bristles also allow you to gently focus on the face which helps reduce morning swelling, lessens fatigue and fights off infection. 

Still not convinced? The wellness queen herself Gwyneth Paltrow, owner of Goop, is a massive advocate for dry brushing, admitting she en­joys this ritual every night before showering. Josephine Skriver, Victoria’s Secret model, likes to think of herself as a “big fan” of the dry brushing technique and makes sure she incorporates it with her runway prep. Beyond other stars including Miranda Kerr, Kourtney Kardashian and Elle Macpherson who can’t get enough of this best kept lymphatic drainage secret, several celebrity facialists, such as Cynthia Franco who works with Salma Hayek, regularly incorporate this technique into not only skin care but full body therapies. 

Gua Sha

If you are familiar with our other blog posts, you would know that we are also big fans of a regular Gua Sha session. An ancient Chinese ritual used to treat symptoms of the flu has revolutionised over the past couple of years and is now effective in treating back and neck pain, migraines, liver inflammation, and facial sculpting. Similar to dry brushing, firm pressure of a Gua Sha in upward lifting motions has immediate results in reducing puffiness as the cyclical motion activates drainage of the lymph. When applied with moisturiser and serums, and in the correct locations, Gua Sha has a chiselling effect as it releases tension between the facial bones leaving a tingly and relaxed effect. A more durable Gua Sha, such as stainless steel, is more suitable to the body as its strong design activates soft tissue therapy when targeting major lymphatic areas, such as the neck and behind the knees.


Besides physical toning and immune system promotion, dry body brushing and gua sha use at home is among one of the most cost-effective strategies in achieving these aforementioned benefits. Half or full body lymphatic treatments can range between $70 to $220 per session! Receive the same post spa rejuvenation in the comfort at your home every morning by incorporating your favourite moisturisers and serums followed by a hot steamy shower for a fraction of the price.

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