Durability, sustainability, & indulgence without compromise. Ritology prides itself on using the world’s most sustainable materials with quality and resilience at its core.

Below is a brief overview of our featured sustainable materials and our reasoning behind our choices.


Every Ritology Razor comes with a tin travel kit with a protective inner made from laser cut cork. Having first been used in 1688 to bottle champagne, cork has proven its resilience throughout the years.

Requiring little to no assistance to grow, Cork Oak is also one of the easiest trees to manage. It is harvested by peeling the bark off, without cutting the tree down, making it one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. This process absorbs five times more carbon than an unharvested tree which reduces greenhouse emissions. This also helps to keep the tree alive and well, with many living past 200 years!

Besides its sustainability superpowers, cork is our preferred choice due to its other characteristics being:

  • Naturally water resistant;
  • Static proof;
  • Antimicrobial;
  • Fire resistant;
  • Scratch resistant; and
  • Non-allergen.



Metal packaging itself is one of the most recycled packaging material on the planet. Needing quality and durability, this was undoubtedly our first choice when it came to our product, including the razor itself and travel kit. Ritology’s travel kit, being Tin, is endlessly recyclable and reusable. Unlike many other materials, tin can be recycled indefinitely maintaining quality through its life cycle. That is if it makes it to the recycling centre, as its usually repurposed around the home.

Tin is also ethically sourced, safe and non-toxic. 


Bronze metal is well known for its strength & durability along with its antimicrobial and anti-rust factors which means our razors should last a lifetime.  When no longer in use, the bronze can be recycled and manufactured time and again without losing quality. 


Zinc is a natural component of the earth’s makeup and is essential to humans, animals and the planet in general. Besides being natural and essential, Zinc is known for its durability and sustainability which assists in saving natural resources.

Ritology uses Zinc to protect our products from corrosion, and therefore less ongoing maintenance providing for a long-lasting product. Similar to the above metals, zinc products can be recycled and manufactured repeatedly without any loss to its quality or unique characteristics.


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