Our Top Five Reasons We're Obsessed With Linen

If you haven’t already jumped on the linen obsession train, this is the official public service announcement to join us and do so.

The past few decades saw convenience and adaptability become the most valuable assets especially in terms of clothing, meaning linen stopped being a crowd favourite due to its inflexibility. For a long time, linen’s irregular appearance and proneness to crinkles was a massive problem. However, due to a change in trends and a growing appreciation for natural and sustainable materials, linen’s flaws are now celebrated and it has come back as a favoured material. 

So, what are our reasons for being in love with linen? Girl, where do I begin!

  1. It’s an eco-friendly material. Linen has regained popularity over the last few years largely due to its environmentally friendly production and biodegradable properties. The material is made from the inner bark of a flax plant which thrives on poor soil quality and requires much less water to produce as opposed to materials like cotton. Linen does not require a chemical medium to loosen the fibres for harvest and the fibres are able to be bleached (if necessary) with environmentally friendly solutions. There are no dangerous chemicals required to achieve the end-product, which we strongly advocate for.
  1. It’s sustainable. Linen is a strong fibre so products and garments will last much longer and won’t need replacing as often therefore reducing consumption. The material being biodegradable also increases its sustainability feature as when it does eventually reach it’s used by date, it won’t have a negative environmental impact.
  1. It’s versatile. Linen can be used in a variety of different ways as its durability makes it an ideal material for many products. Curtains, tablecloths, tea towels and bedsheets are the most common linen items found around the home and on the market, and it can also be woven to make pieces for your wardrobe. It also looks super stylish and elegant too!
  1. It’s been around for a very long time, and for good reason. There are archaeological remains of linen that date back to 8000BC, so it’s one of the oldest fibres ever known. At one point in time, Egyptians used linen as a form of currency, it was formerly used in battle armour in Greece, and the Japanese would use it for indigo dyed smocks. Linen that has been well cared for can last up to three decades, so it’s also no surprise many European cultures have traditions of handing down linen bed sheets as inheritances. The material has such a long history, so it has rightfully achieved the sustainable label.
  1. It’s breathable, antibacterial and anti-allergenic. Linen can withstand high temperatures and absorbs moisture without holding bacteria, making it the perfect material for summer. Linen also naturally repels UV rays which creates the best microclimate for your skin. Those with sensitive skin will benefit greatly from linen products as the lack of chemical mediums and natural advantages will give you the best chance of eliminating any irritation.
Let’s stay on trend, benefit our skin and help to save our Mother Earth? That’s a massive yes from me! Linen, you’ve stolen our hearts.

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