Mother’s Day Isolation Retreat

Mother’s Day is here, and let’s be honest we need our day. In fact, Mother’s Day or not, mother or not, here’s our go to Self Care Ritual that will boost your mood and spirits.

As a mom of two, outside of isolation life I would be counting down for my special day with breakfast in bed followed by a family walk and picnic. Today, having home-schooled my eldest for 3 months with the majority of her schooling in Mandarin, all whilst being the dairy cow to a 26 pound 11-month-old and living out of a suitcase due to Covid-19, my ideal Mother’s Day 2020 is looking a little different. A leave pass of unadulterated me time. Me, the bath, and champagne.  

I thought moving overseas with a newborn and pre-schooler was hard, but parenting during a pandemic has been challenging to say the least. Although extraordinary circumstances; cooped up kids, online education in a foreign language, a demanding baby, running a business during an economic downturn and a house that I cannot stay on top of for the life of me has been rather stressful. No doubt most of you are feeling this too.  The media is by no means assisting with its relentless barrage of depressing news. Although grateful for our health, family and such opportunities, please know it’s okay to feel what you feel. It’s even more than okay to take some time out for you!   

Here’s our itinerary for Sunday 10 May. A complete time out from life to focus 100% on me without a single ounce of guilt.

Seeing I can’t exactly take off to the spa, it will be a DIY home version in the tub but please don’t misunderstand, it will change your life.

First up, an incredibly long, steaming and salty bath. Simply run the water, add a mix of Epsom and Himalayan salts, a few drops of lavender, and a pinch of Bi carb. Feel free to add any other fragrance, herbs or flowers.

This will be a full body treatment, so we are talking body scrub from head to toe. If you received our Mother’s Day bundle, you should have our all-natural Coffee scrub! Gently massage into the skin to exfoliate and detox. Then it’s time to get green with Sabbia Co’s Matcha Green Clay rejuvenating face mask. Let it sit while you soak and apply your hair treatment!  Unless you are currently isolating with your hairdresser, this treatment is a must. I am all for the old faithful hair remedy being: 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp of Olive oil and 3 egg whites combined. Simply coat the hair, put in a shower cap and leave on for 30-60 minutes. Thank me later.

Now my favourite part, the secret to silky smooth legs.  Having exfoliated and removed all the dead skin, it’s time to lather up with our 3-in-1 soap bar. It’s the perfect consistency and ingredients to enhance your shave. Once you have experienced the art of shaving, I can guarantee you will never go back. It’s soothing ability, being mindful of each stroke and solely focussing on the task at hand. It’s my ultimate self-care ritual de-stressing the body and mind and leaving my skin confident and smooth. It used to be my rushed chore, but now it’s something I really look forward to and take pride in. Remember the day is yours, so slow it down, take your time and care for your body mind and soul.

 I’m undecided as to whether I pop my champagne here, or leave until I am in my comfy clothes. Once vacating the tub, it’s time for the post exfoliation and shave hydrating body oil. Massage generously all over, being aware of every touch and sensation ensuring the entire body is relaxed and that you are only thinking about this moment. Then slip into something comfortable, pour that glass of champagne and grab your favourite book. We deserve this.

Enjoy your day Mamas! You do an incredible job and we're here cheering you on every step of the way.

x x


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