Is Beauty Sleep Real? What we have Uncovered

To cut straight to the chase, the answer is YES! Beauty sleep is 100 percent real and it refers to how our skin and body heals itself from any damage we’ve endured throughout the day. Our body produces growth hormones whilst in a deep sleep state - these growth hormones create new cells which assist healing any skin or body damage. The girls at Ritology have done their research and have found some amazing benefits to getting your healthy dose of z’s at night!

There are both negative and positive impacts regarding sleep - although, we’re going to focus on the positive ones! If you wish to know more about the negative impacts, you can have a read through previous articles in @RitiologyDaily

So, what are the benefits of beauty sleep?

  1. A happy mood! This one is absolutely crucial, not only for yourself but for the others around you too. A good night’s sleep will set you up for a fantastic day, and you’ll most likely wake up happy and feel energized! A healthy hack could be completing ten minutes of yoga or breathing exercises before bed to assist with maximum relaxation.
  2. Confidence - It is proven that people who get a good night’s sleep have a significantly better perception of their appearance and physical attractiveness! Who would’ve thought… look good and feel good, double whammy! A higher self-esteem also coincides with completing at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity each day - it’ll make you sleepy and you’ll be one step closer to your dream bod ;)
  3. Fantastic looking skin. Ohhhh yeah, I can probably vouch for this benefit on a lot of people’s behalf. Did you know that sleep is directly correlated with skin health? Getting your beauty sleep will encourage a healthy blood flow and an even skin tone in the morning! A tip that works for us at Ritology is drinking a minimal 2L + of water a day - this will help to keep you hydrated even whilst sleeping.
  4. Less wrinkles - You may have tried every skin care product under the sun to get rid of those irritating lines, but you’re still not seeing any changes - it’s probably because you’re lacking in sleep. When you’re asleep, blood flow to the epidermis increases, this is when your skin rebuilds and produces new collagen. Fun fact: the more collagen your skin produces, the less likely wrinkles will appear!
  5. Say goodbye to puffy eyes! Getting your recommended dose of beauty sleep will prevent the appearance of dark circles and puffy under eyes. Instead, you’ll be waking up with lovely bright eyes. Who wouldn’t want that? A beauty hack that works great is sleeping on your back with two pillows placed under your head. Elevation improves blood flow and prevents it making its way to your under eyes.

We all love a good night's sleep here at Ritology! Remember, there is always a reaction to your action. Stay up to date with @RitologyDaily for more beauty benefits and boosters!

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