The Kakadu Plum is a key active in The Divine Woman range of products so we asked Therese Kerr to share her insights on the ingredient and why we should be incorporating it into our skincare.


The Divine Woman Salon Grade skincare range contains high active ingredients clinically proven to minimize aging.


Native Australian Kakadu Plum is the world’s richest source of NATURAL Vitamin C.

 kakadu plum

Vitamin C has been scientifically shown to help promote wound healing and also protect the skin cells from DNA damage.


Experience the world's first fatty acid profiles from the seed of Australia's famous Kakadu Plum. This special fruit has recently made global Cosmetic breakthroughs with it's water soluble phyto-actives and recording the world's highest source of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C aids in collagen synthesis which assists in wrinkle reduction, skin firming and anti-aging. New scientific evidence has shown Vitamin C also assists in the reduction of hyper-pigmentation.


Native Australian Kakadu Plums contain 3000mg of Vitamin C per 100g of fruit! This is more than fifty times the amount found in oranges! It’s no wonder this fruit is considered a superfood as it it’s full of antioxidants, bioactive and medicinal properties.


Kakadu plums are also rich in phytochemical, which have anti-carcinogenic, anti fungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


To summarize:

Native Australian Kakadu Plum

- Highest known source of Vitamin C in the plant kingdom

- Repairs and neutralizes free radical damage

- Increases collagen synthesis

- Wrinkle reducing

- Skin forming

- Anti-aging

- Pigmentation inhibiting and reducing through natural tyrosinase inhibitors.


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Honoree Pellerin

I’ve just recently heard of the Kakadu Plum and how amazing it is for our skin!! I’m definitely intrigued and I can’t wait to try a product with this ingredient!

Ashlei Mayadia

I really love this info on this plain and has heard about it being packed I’m with vitamin C! I will def look into your Divine Woman Line for sure!



Michael Christofield

Looks interesting. I like plums in general.

Trish Dougherty

sounds delicious!

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