Sophie Lee Ferguson is a born and bred Perth girl with one of the most positive and fun loving perspectives on life. She worked several amazing part time jobs to fund her social life and time at WAPAA where she excelled in radio and television and received a scholarship for 'Most Potential in Commercial Radio'.
Sophie has worked in some of the most well-know Australian media environments, including Channel 7 Productions and Better Homes and Gardens. Her journey and optimistic approach to each and everything she sets her mind to is truly inspiring. We hope you enjoy learning and hearing from Sophie below!

Although social media makes us feel like we know you, if your partner was to describe you to a stranger what would he say?

Haha, I always find this question so hard. I think he would say I am a hard-working, very small energiser bunny with a very large appetite who has a lot of love to give.  

Can you tell us something that would surprise us about you?

When I was studying film-making and journalism, I cared for teens with disabilities and the elderly. I got to drive a big bus and pick everyone up and then take them bowling, to cooking classes, discos and daily outings. It was my favourite job to date.

I became obsessed with Pilates during my first pregnancy, and have been a regular since. I wish I started younger! How did you come to loving pilates? Where did it all begin?

So, last year I moved to Bondi from Perth and decided to try all of the fitness studios on Bondi road with my housemate. We started from the top, which was Peaches pilates, literally signed up that day and haven’t been anywhere else since. We fell in love with the space, the ethos of the brand and the owners, Tori and Bec .. (and we can’t forget Chris).  I am now a qualified pilates instructor and teach there. Going to pilates and especially Peaches made me fall in love with my body all over again. I am now not training to look a certain way but training to feel good because it MAKES me feel good, and I gained a perky butt and slim waist in the process ;) Thanks to Tori’s signature booty camp and pilates waist exercises. 

What are some other ways you like to keep active and healthy?

I absolutely love “trying” to surf, boxing, kayaking, diving, fishing, bike-riding (to the pub) hiking, team sports like netball and touch rugby and a coffee and a coastal walk to catch up with a gf soothes the soul always. Anything outdoors and adventurous where you get an added bonus of a workout while having fun is my fav. 

We've noticed you've got a bit of a sweet tooth! What is your go to healthy snack/dessert to create in the kitchen?

I loveeee experimenting in the kitchen. I am allergic to lactose, gluten and fructose so it's always a challenge for me to create something yummy and healthy. My go-to would be raspberry jam and peanut butter choc cups, they’re moreish and don’t last long. I’ll flick you the recipe haha. (PLEASE DO)

Your podcast 'High Tides and Salty Vibes' is such a fun and informative listen! What was your motivation in developing it?

Oh, thanks chicks, so kind. I just really love hearing people's stories and learning their processes to success. I started off interviewing artists, photographers and influencers over six years ago, on my blog and then felt as though they’d fare better where people could listen. I actually have a diploma in radio and television announcing so I put those skills to the test and challenged myself with recording, editing, promoting and hosting my own podcast. It’s so much fun for me.

You've been fortunate to speak with some pretty inspiring people on your podcast. Do you have any conversations that really stood out or taught you anything?  If you could chat with any guest, who would it be?

Everyone I’ve spoken to is obviously someone I’ve been drawn too, so I’ve definitely picked up a lot of tips along the way. To be honest, my chat with Tori (Peaches founder) was so raw and real and it reminded me how sexy and empowering it is to just be yourself! I also had a super insightful chat with Cassie Cameron, from Mind High Club which has helped me to start tapping into pre-structured belief systems, shedding them and manifesting what I want in life.

If I could chat with anyone, it would probably have to be Chris Lilley. An insight to that creative brain would be a great time.

What challenges did you come across in getting to where you are today? What do you wish you knew from the beginning (for those just starting out)?

So, I’m definitely still not technically “where I want to be” and the challenges are ongoing, they are daily. My most outstanding challenge would be moving across the country to pursue my goals and moving away from family and best friends and crystal clear water and dry heat ;) Everyday I have to remind myself I am doing the “right” thing, but the homesickness is real. One thing that I think people need to be reminded of (especially young, impressionable minds) is that not everyone is going to support you or like you, and jealous people will try and drag you down with them, but don’t let this stop you. Use it as ammo to KEEP ON GOING!!! And remember, if someone is mean to you, it’s a reflection of their feelings and not yours.

We are all about transforming our daily routines into acts of self-care, being present and mindful and making the mundane task something enjoyable! What is your go to self-care ritual to set you up for your day?

I wish I could say I bounced out of bed to my freshly blended acai smoothie, practised breath work, wrote in my journal, ate a healthy breakky, did a yoga flow and then launched into my day recharged and refreshed. It’s just not a reality for me. I do have an hour commute to work on public transport daily however, so to spice it up, on Mondays and Thursdays I listen to Shameless podcast to get all of the latest updates regarding pop culture and order a coconut latte from the local cafe because it makes me feel happy. And the other days I’ll take a book that I’m loving (always have at least 5 on the go) or I’ll call my sister or a Perth friend for a little giggle in the morning to put me in a good mood. I definitely do find that moving my body first thing gives me energy and I can’t go past a sunrise walk from Tamarama to Bronte beach to look for wildlife, and a coffee and a chat from the guys at Critical Slide Society if I have the time. Always puts me in a good mood and makes me feel like I’m on holiday in my own home.


2020 has been quite the year for everyone around the globe. We'd love to know whether despite the craziness, what joy or lessons the year brought you and what you have in store for 2021!

What a year… it’s definitely taught me that i don’t deal well with being away from loved ones for over 11 months. It’s also taught me that if I put my mind to it, I can achieve great things and progress quite quickly. Next year, I’m excited to knuckle down and have more exciting and inspiring guests on my podcast and hopefully delve into radio announcing.

We love a good motivational quote! Any favourites you live by?

Haha, once again always inspired by my Peachy fam. I saw a quote at my first ever #getpeached event which was:

No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say “she had a flat tummy and a thigh gap”

Makes me laugh so much, but it’s also so true and helped me stop giving a f*ck about my weight.

Follow along Sophie's shenanigans here:  @sophieleeferguson

and her podcast 'High Tides and Salty Vibes'.

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