This week at Ritology we were fortunate enough to get to know Harriet Birrell and learn more about her plant-based and zero-waste approach to life. You may know Harriet from her Instagram platform @natural_harry or her incredible book Home with Natural Harry.


Harriet is an author, speaker, blogger, yogi lover and eco shop owner. Her well established mantra around living a tox-free and sustainable life is a message that is clearly communicated throughout her platforms, blog, recipes and sense of self.

 Harriet truly is an inspiration when it comes to living and breathing a simpler, healthier and more sustainable life! We hope you enjoy learning more about her journey as much as we did! 


 Natural Harry


Being a wholesome foodie and smoothie guru with two plant based whole food recipe books behind you, what is your go to breakfast?

My go-to breakfast changes regularly and with the seasons. In summer it will be either a smoothie, homemade granola, coco yoghurt and fruit or even overnight oats. 

In winter I alternate between avocado on oaty seed loaf or a nice big bowl of porridge with berries, tahini and cinnamon. Sometimes even leftover crumble from WHOLE (her recipe book)

Whatever I choose and have on hand, my breakfasts need to be sustaining and hearty. 


Natural Harry came to light from a caravan of yours where you sold raw desserts and smoothies to the locals. This literally sounds like a dream of mine! Although COVID has prohibited many travel plans, where do you dream of visiting next?

One of our favourite things to do is pack the troopy with the rooftop tent, surfboards and bikes and take off somewhere in Australia, usually with limited time we have stuck to Tasmania, the high country or exploring the east coast. Despite once spending a full month camping around Tassie, there are so many spots we are yet to visit so that is high on the list. As is Northern Queensland, which has always been a dream of mine. I am a sun lover summer baby. Anywhere warm with somewhere to swim and I am there!


What challenges did you come across in getting to where you are today?

How long have you got? haha... kidding! Small business and entrepreneurship, especially when you become the face of your brand is essentially putting yourself out there. For me personally, that could not be further from my comfort zone. Creating products, no matter how many hours, years and care you put into them, and then putting then out there into the world is terrifying. 

They are the bigger picture challenges, I guess. The constant small hurdles are things like finances, internet trolls (I am fortunate, I have experienced very little of this), workload, wearing all the hats.. i.e. carrying out tasks that are your skill level and come naturally, but also all of those that do not. 

It has been 8 years of Natural Harry now. What I have learnt is there have been many and there will be many to come. It is part and parcel of it all and it teaches you that you are resilient! 


Book #3 is on the horizon! Can you give us a sneak peak of what is to come

Yes! Book 3 is here! HOME by Natural Harry is your down-to-earth guide to a resourceful, tox-free and waste-free home life. My 3rd recipe book with stunning photography by my friend Nikole Ramsay. Seventy simple and sustainable recipes offer natural ways to care for every room in your home and create a nurturing environment for body and mind. 

A comprehensive collection of DIY recipes, tips, tricks and hacks for a calm, resourceful and tox-free existence, and a modern reference for anyone who wants to reduce their plastic waste and save money/the world at the same time!


Home by Natural Harry considers every room of the house (stain remover in the laundry, shower cleaner in the bathroom, dishwashing liquid in the kitchen) and presents alternatives to store-bought cleaning products, as well as a comprehensive chapter on body care (from toothpaste to shampoo to foaming hand wash). 


What quote do you live by?

Kindness is never wasted.


What is your go to self-care ritual?

Dry body brushing. I have done it most mornings for over 10 years and love it! 


We live by the motto one action and one person CAN make a difference! Given your passion for health and our planet, what is one small action that beginners can take to reduce their footprint? 

Shop for your dry goods at a bulk wholefood store. SO easy and you avoid the plastic in the first place! 


Find Harriet at:

Instagram: @natural_harry



Photographer credit: Nikole Ramsay

Instagram: @nikoleramsay




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