We are honoured to feature Ere Perez, founder of Australian boutique natural makeup company aptly called, Ere Perez, on Ritology Daily.

Ere Perez deliver products based on sustainable and ethical ingredients. Creating formulas that enhance natural beauty at the same time as nurturing and maintaining healthy skin. 

What began with a single product – the almond oil mascara – has grown into a diverse range incorporating over 60 products. As creative director, Ere Perez pours her knowledge, energy and creativity into every product. 

Ere believes that being naturally beautiful encompasses everything about our lives: It’s being kind to ourselves and our fellow creatures; being thoughtful and considerate of other people; conscious of conserving the beauty of our planet and making the most of our own natural beauty and recognising our inner strength; nourishing our bodies without using any harmful chemicals and certainly without testing on animals.

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You're all natural makeup and skincare range is absolutely beautiful! How did Ere Perez, the brand, begin and tell more about what you represent?
Thank you so much, that’s lovely. It was a dream of mine to combine my interest in natural beauty, which came from my mother, and the wisdom I learned from my grandfather who was a traditional Mexican medicine man. I studied natural therapies, then made my dream real with one product – almond oil mascara. It all blossomed from there! The brand represents wellness, cruelty-free & sustainable lifestyle, natural beauty, and making a positive difference to the world around us.
What quote do you live by?
‘Nothing is impossible’. I believe in this so much. Carrots instead of chemicals in makeup? Yes! This motto gets me through personal and professional challenges. There’s always a way forward.
What is your favourite self care ritual that makes you feel good?
Down time is essential. I work hard and am very involved as the Creative Director of Ere Perez. Long days are common. A hot bath with candles is my number one way to unwind and let the day slip away. I always come out so calm and refreshed.
Being a mom of 3 yourself, can you recommend a quick but effective skin care and/or make up regimen to the busy ladies of the world?
Our range is all about quick, easy, fuss-free. Our new ginkgo micellar water is just that – wipe off makeup, pollution from the city, and you’re good to go. Also, lipstick! When you feel tired, under-slept, don’t have time to change an outfit, a bright lip colour can give you the lift you need. When I’m picking up the kids, rushing around on the weekend, little boosts make all the difference. My favourite is our olive oil lipstick – carnivale.
Often in life we prioritise our friends, family, partners and even strangers, over ourself. How do you practice self care in your daily life and what tip could you share to help readers stay committed, first and foremost, to themselves?
We are all over-committed these days. And we invest deeply in our relationships, in the world out there. We want those around us to feel good, and feel loved, but when you realise you’re doing it all for other people, feeling exhausted, you need to stop and think again. For me, saying no, is empowering. We can’t say yes to everything, every person and party and occasion. A night-in is essential. Sometimes you have to be vulnerable and tell people how you feel, that you need some time out to recharge, and generally, people understand.
What does sustainable living mean to you?
It means that even though there is a lot of fear about the state of our planet, we still do every small thing we can to contribute to bigger change. Most powerfully – we vote with our money. It means purchasing from ethical brands, researching plastic alternatives – like your great product – taking reusable bags to the shop and always carrying a keep cup for coffee. It means paying attention, and doing your best as much as you can.
We live by the motto one action and one person CAN make a difference! What is one small action you take to live a more sustainable life?
I won’t buy vegetables wrapped in plastic at the supermarket or greengrocer. If it only comes wrapped up like that, I don’t buy it for the week. This is a powerful way we can tell shop owners they need to be more aware, and they should change their practices. If you tell one other person, or mention it to staff where you shop – the ripple effect is huge. We can all do so much in our daily lives, and it is very hopeful and inspiring.


Thank you Ere, your mission, determination and passion for what you do is so inspiring. Making waves in the beauty industry and business in general.


Christy Peeples DuBois

I am so glad to be introduced to this new to me sustainable brand. I enjoyed this and look forward to exploring their products.

Christina A.

She is inspiring! I’m really curious about the almond oil mascara!

Jessica Staley

I love your motto “carrots instead of chemicals in makeup” Good eye opening informative article.

Joe S

Great article. Insightful talking points and informative q&a!


Great interview – very inspiring and motivating

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