We are incredibly excited to share insights and actionable steps to living a more simple and sustainable live with the gorgeous, down to earth and passionate, Elyse Knowles.

Our Ritology purpose aligns seamlessly with that of Elyse's and we are honoured to have her part of our Journey.

Elyse is an Australian model, ambassador, entrepreneur, tv personality & influencer. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Elyse built a thriving career based whilst maintaining a reputation that is professional, kind & completely genuine.

Elyse is not one to shy away from the hard yards, nor does she fear getting her hands dirty. Quite the opposite.

She is committed, thorough & graceful.

While a woman on the rise around the world, Elyse resets herself within the walls of her home & cherishes a natural, eco-friendly lifestyle.


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What quote do you live by?
It’s kinda an oldie, but it’s always stuck in my mind... if a boy can do it, so can I.
What is your favourite self care ritual that makes you feel good? 
Caring for the mind. I take time out for myself by going for long walks on the beach with my pups. Breathing in the fresh air, looking at the ocean and feeling the sand in my toes is my happy place.  And I always try to make this time technology free… letting my mind wonder. This is my meditation. 
Often in life we prioritise our friends, family, partners and even strangers, over ourself. How do you practice self care in your daily life and what tip could you share to help readers stay committed, first and foremost, to themselves?
Taking time out for yourself is super important.  And it doesn’t make you selfish it makes you a better version of you.  For me this could be a session at the gym, a walk on the beach, cooking in the evening or even a massage or facial.  It doesn’t matter what it is, it is about making the time to put yourself first every now and again and I promise you will thank yourself for it.
What does sustainable living mean to you? 
To me it’s all about caring for yourself, others and the environment we are so lucky to live in.  Making sure my kids are going to enjoy living in a world which hasn’t been neglected and abused by generations before. I have never felt so passionate on decreasing my footprint on our beautiful country and our world. It’s in my mind constantly and I am so happy it is.  Plus, if I can use my platform to help inspire others to live more sustainably - or to get people to change the way they think and act - it would be amazing. 
We live by the motto one action and one person CAN make a difference! What tips do you have to live a more sustainable life? 
I think getting into the younger generations minds on why we need to make changes in key. We need to educate them young on these issues so they grow up caring, living more sustainably and being active in cleaning up our country. If it were up to me this could be a standard class at school!  If we start early it will become natural to always put rubbish in the bin; to not use a plastic straw; to take your own bags shopping; to recycle responsibly; to use a keep-cup for your coffee or tea etc.  This HAS to become our new normal.  And I couldn’t agree more… every single person can make a big difference.
Movement is such an important part of our lives for mental clarity, health and motivation, however it is often hard to stay committed. When life gets overwhelming and we need to simplify (basically when those high energy gym sessions and long runs feel way too much), what activities do you choose to get moving, whilst going gentle on your body?
Walking on the beach… just as good for my mind as well as my body.
We hope you enjoyed these take aways from Elyse and can put them into practice over time. 
With the ultimate goal of living a more simple and sustainable life.
With Love,
Team Ritology xx



Cool! Nice products

Donna L Holder

great info. thank you

Brandon Moorer

I love that she takes the time to for self care, it’s a much needed practice by many.

Sean Hanlin

How cool


Self care is so important. I’ve begun taking more time for myself, including daily reflections and mediation. Also, I take my pal Charlie, or my dog child, on walks every day. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips!

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