How to Use a Safety Razor

This is a new shaving experience that, when mastered, results in the smoothest, bump and redness free skin.


The most common mistake when using a single blade safety razor is applying pressure, when the razor is designed to be the perfect weight to simply glide along.

If this is your first time using a single blade razor, here are a few key tips to assist you in mastering the technique for the perfect shave every time.



If you are a beginner, we suggest shaving initially while sitting down (in the shower or on the edge of the bath). this will allow you to see what you are doing and have more control.



Razor bumps and ingrown hairs are often a result of your razor pushing dead skin cells into your freshly opened pores. Firstly, gently exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells. We recommend our Body Buff to dry brush away any dead skin cells and start with fresh clean skin. 

Next apply a natural shaving lotion, cream, butter, oil or gel. Always avoid soap strips and chemical filled products as they will go straight into your pores at your skin's most sensitive time. A clear substance with a light lather is recommended, especially if you have any moles or bumps to see where you are shaving. Our favourite shaving bar soap can be found here (bonus: it can be used as a body cleanser and shampoo!).



 The most important tip! Do not apply any pressure onto your razor as you shave. The razor glides along your skin effortlessly - like a feather! The handle is perfectly weighted and blade quality is extremely high for a smooth shave without any pressure at all.



Rest the safety bar (just underneath the blade) on your skin. Keep the angle of the blade at about 30º relative to your skin so the blade is just touching. Safety razors do not have pivoting heads, so you will be in control of the angle as you shave.



 Take short, steady strokes (remember zero pressure). Rinse the razor regularly under water.



Try shaving 'with the grain' to start your single blade journey. The razor and between the blade can be cleaned easily, unlike multi-blade razors, so ensure the grime, soap and old hair build up is cleared out before you start. Without a clean blade this build up will end up going into open pores as you shave.



Moisturise! Always keep your skin hydrated after shaving with a natural cream, serum or oil. 



Clean out the razor by unscrewing the head half way and rinse with water. Either hand your razor in the shower (don't leave it lying down in water to collect grime and mould) or pat dry with a towel and store in your Ritology tin. 


For more tips on using our Ritology products go to our resources page here


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