Time Out during Time In

With the world holding our breath in the midst of COVID-19, we are left with little choice but to slow down, stay healthy, and do our part to contain the spread. There’s an overload of information everywhere you look making it vital to find a healthy balance between fear and unconcern. Be mindful, care for yourself, your loved ones and your neighbours.

By keeping healthy and mindful of our actions, we can protect those who are most vulnerable. So embrace the much needed “time-in” and make the most out of slowing down. Your body, mind, family and this planet will thank you for it. Get in tune with your body and mind, connect with your loved ones, ease anxiety and support your health. Our current to do list includes:



We sleep for a reason. The body requires it to fight off infectious diseases. As if we needed an excuse for a midday nap.



We are stocked up on nutritious whole foods many of them being fermented foods to increase our good bacteria including sauerkraut, kombucha and kimchi! Fermented foods also last longer in the fridge.



Self-care is undoubtedly our jam, so of course we are going to put an emphasis on this task! Stress can cause an inflammatory response leaving us more vulnerable to infections and diseases. Practice mindfulness, meditate, read a good book and take time out for yourself. Whatever it is that makes you happy.



To support our immunity, we have topped up our vitamins to ensure our body is getting all it needs. Lots of Vitamin C, D, E and B6 and of course our antioxidants. Side note: consult with your doctor prior to incorporating any supplements to your diet.



Who would have thought having the time to clean could feel so good? Not only are we getting to those pesky tasks that never get accomplished, but we are keeping on top of the bacteria and germs floating around that could otherwise affect our immunity.



That budget you've been meaning to do, it's time to crack down on spending and be creative with low cost (free) activities. With a world full of uncertainty, it's imperative to think like our grandparents would have. Be mindful about what is coming in and going out. When you recognise where your money goes, you can make smarter decisions for the long term, not just managing in a crisis. If you are struggling, and not understanding how best to manage, please reach out to a professional. Talk about your concerns and take practical steps to manage through this time. 


Right now, we have the time and opportunity to really appreciate everything that is in front of us. Although many of you are social distancing, why not take this time to phone your friends, cuddle longer, play some games, watch movies and really be there for each other every day.

The silver lining in all of this: slow down, have fun with your family (or roommates if you have them) - it may be virtual so pick up that phone, and make the most of this time you may otherwise not have.

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