7 Tips for Better Beauty Sleep

If you’re feeling tired after a big day, falling asleep can be an easy thing to do. Although, if you’re one that spends too much time scrolling through Instagram or watching TikTok videos late at night, you probably don’t find it so easy. Do you remember those amazing benefits of getting your beauty sleep purveys? Well, we’ve come up with some healthy habits so you can reap those wonderful benefits too!

  1. Wash your face - I think some of us are quite guilty of coming home from a night out, the laziness kicks in and we’re too slack to take our makeup off or wash our face. I cannot stress enough how bad it is for your skin… It’s crucial that you get into the habit of going to bed with clean skin, you don’t want to soak in those nasties! 
  2. Bedtime routine - This is an important one, especially for the ones that love a cheeky scroll through their phone at night. You want to ensure that your routine allows for maximum relaxation. By lighting a candle and reading for 15 minutes before you go to sleep is a healthy example of a bedtime routine. Key point: put down that phone! Consider placing it on the other side of your bedroom to avoid distractions.
  3. Keep up with a good skin care routine - although your beauty sleep does the trick, it’s important to still take care of your skin whilst you’re awake - this will actually assist the healing process while you sleep!
  4. Clean your sheets once a week - Just like washing your face, it’s just as important to wash your bedding. By doing this, it removes any lingering bacteria which could be the cause of any skin issues you may procure.
  5. Make your bedroom a VIBE - Setting the mood we like to call it. By turning down the lights, lighting a candle or even playing some harmonious, relaxing tunes, it gives your body the signal that you’re getting ready for bed. You could even invest in a super comfortable mattress to create optimal relaxation. A nice temperature comes into play as well, you never want to be too hot or cold! You know what Goldilocks prefers… 
  6. Avoid salty foods or snacks before bed - believe it or not, but a salty intake before bed can contribute to those puffy under eyes you wake up with in the morning sometimes. Instead, go for a piece of quality dark chocolate - it’s got fantastic antioxidants ;).
  7. Nightcaps - If you’re like us and enjoy a cheeky glass of vino before bed, maybe you should start reconsidering it… Scientists have found that consuming alcohol before you go to sleep (four hours precisely) contributes to factors of insomnia. Perhaps, go for a cup of tea - decaf that is.

We’re all about healthy habits here at Ritology, and there’s nothing better than sharing those with the people around you. If you’re reading this while you’re laying in bed, consider it a sign from the universe that it’s time for some shut eye. Sleep really is a beautiful thing ;). Stay up to date with @RitologyDaily for more beauty tips!

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