6 Tips for Mindful, Meaningful Goals

The New Year is upon us and many are sitting back and listing out their resolutions. You'll likely note a number of your resolutions are a repeat from the previous years. This year however might be different! 

We are all for setting goals or creating better habits, and no doubt agree the New Years is a great time to start with motivation high. In saying that, we're a firm believer that resolutions do not work if they are an 'all-or-nothing' approach.

All goals are not the same. Whether they're too strict leaving no room for the various phases in your life or too vague making them impossible to action, they'll unfortunately leave you discouraged and let down. The truth is, the process in achieving your goals matters just as much as the end result. It's all about the small changes or actions that accumulate over time. It's about the journey, not the destination ;) As we always say, small changes = huge impact. So instead of beating yourself up by setting the bar too high, let's take a look at how you can set mindful, meaningful and realistic goals to enrich your life in all areas. 

1. Have self compassion

We are all for ambition including ambitious goals. We don't want you to do away with that attitude! However, there is nothing worse that setting yourself up for failure. The purpose of your goals is to make you feel good about yourself and your progress. The better you feel when ticking off a task from your 'to do list', the more motivation you'll have, and the more sustainable your goals will be long term.

2. Break down your goals 

Personally speaking my goals end up being a little big, generic or vague. How are you going to achieve that goal exactly? By breaking down your goals into simple, doable actions, you'll have an achievable plan of attack. Small steps add up and also are more likely to result in long term results. So be realistic, break down your goals into realistic daily tasks. Not only will you be more likely to succeed, but you'll feel a sense of accomplishment every time you complete a task. This happy feeling will keep you motivated to continue, creating heart warming new habits. 

3. Add on habits 

The best part about habits- they're done without much thought. They're carried out automatically due to repeated actions. Once you've created a new daily ritual as part of your overall goal, why not add to it? For example "today I will journal for 10 minutes after I've made my bed". By adding an extra task to an existing habit, you'll be less likely to forget and hopefully create a new habit freeing up your mind and positively impacting your day. 

4. What's your 'WHY'?

Every goal needs a passionate purpose. Without it, your brain will do its best to continue operating as it always has. Change causes stress, and your body works hard to avoid all stress, both good and bad. To be stronger than your thoughts, it's important to clearly understand your purpose behind your goals to keep motivate to adapt new habits.  The stronger your emotional response to your goals, the more fight you'll have.

5. Say goodbye to the 'all or nothing' approach 

A specific end goal being an 'all or nothing' approach almost always leads to no good. When you do this, you are not taking into consideration what you have achieved and how much progress you have made! Despite all your efforts, you'll be left discouraged if your goal is not met. Although it's important to be able to measure your progress, a range rather than a fixed result can promote a more positive feeling that helps you celebrate your progress. The better you feel about your achievements, the more likely you'll continue to grow. 

6. Just do it! 

There's no perfect time to start anything. Of course, New Years feels like an exciting time to start, but really it's just another day/month. No matter your goal, the hardest part is starting.  Start by writing it out, breaking it down and planning. Then simply do it. Slip ups will happen. It doesn't mean you've failed. There will be days where you're highly motivated, and others not so. Don't worry about messing up, or making 'perfect progress' as the honest truth, it won't be perfect. You cannot fail if you are trying. Keep on going. Progress is progress. 

No matter your goals, keep them simple, enjoyable and intentional. Enjoy the process and you will reap the rewards. 

We'd love to hear what your goals are for the year?! Let us know below! 


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